PB – 05.13.2023 The Nest @ The County

I’d like to begin by commending BigBird on this Walter White challenge. I must admit that I’m not exactly sure what a chemistry teacher who makes meth in the desert has to do with our workouts, but I guess IYKYK (clearly I don’t know). What I can tell you is that tomorrow, for one morning only (it’s very likely I won’t be invited back), the Harry Caray tour will be rolling into the County. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but it may or may not involve a tribute to MOMMAS. I know what your thinking, Mother’s Day is Sunday. But since none of us would be here without one, were gonna start our celebrations of them a tad early. Dauber has confirmed coupons are on-site, and I can confirm they will be put to use. We may do a little running as well, so lace ’em up boys.

-Harry Caray

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