BB – 06.09.2022 Temple of Gloom @ The O

As I exited my vehicle I immediately was stunned at the size of the crowd gathered where the O boys typically meet. As I approached this crowd I realized it was our Pax members for this morning, 16 in total. If you weren’t aware, the O is experiencing a phoenix like rising with several FNG’s as of late. This morning was no different, as we added three more brothers to our family. The first Pax member I saw was Lambeau (athlete), I then laid eyes on Tony Malito (class clown).

In all the Pax consisted of: Spanx (R), Snotz, Russdiculous, Gomer, Duff, Lambeau, Tony Malito, McAfee, Handbook, Flood Plain, Speedo, Alter Boy (DR from SC), Roast Beef (FNG), AirPod (FNG), Mismatch (FNG), and Harry Caray (Q).

Disclaimer was given, and we headed for the tennis courts for COP. SSH’s, Abe Vigoda’s, Imperial Walkers, Grass-grabbers, and two rounds of mountain climbers and merkins.

We then made our way to the base of Cogans Cove. B.O.M.B.S. were the thang of the day. 50 burpees, 100 overhead claps, 150 merkins, 200 BBSU’s, and 250 squats. So everyone partnered up, eight groups in all. One partner performed the exercises at the base of the cove, while the other partner ran up the cove and around the roundabout and back, then switching out with their partner. As we finished at the base of the cove, before leaving we had an all you got up the hill, then returning to the tennis courts.

Once we arrived at the tennis courts we performed some Mary, consisting of LBC’s, flutter-kicks, and gas-pumps. Mary would have continued, but at this point Tony Malito had a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth. I don’t think anyone who knows him is surprised at that fact, but I wanted to see if I could help him cure this diarrhea problem of his. So we lined up on the sideline, and proceeded to sprint up and down the four courts twice. And to my amazement, Malito’s problem went away. Clearly I missed my calling. The Q then called time, and we headed to the flag.

Count-a-rama, name-a-rama, the naming of 3 FNG’s, announcements, intentions, lord’s prayer, and we all then went about our own way to conquer our day.

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