BB – BO Goshen – 6/9/22

0530 Start time was called, disclaimer was being given when FNG was pulling into parking lot. Re-disclaimered for the FNG (yeah, i made up a word). 11 total, uneven number was making me reevaluate planned Thang 2!

COP – SSH, Toy Soldier, Imperial Walkers, GGs & DDs.

Headed over to Thang 1 when who I thought must of been a Mutter pulled into the parking lot due to the late arrival was in fact Steve-O who fought off the fartsack! 12 total-Thang 2 reevaluation avoided.

Thang 1 – Paula Abdul – 10 Squats – 5 Merkins

Thang 2 – Partnered up for 3 rounds each exercise alternating

Partner 1 – 100 yd run with burpee at turn

Partner 2 – AMRAP R1-Grave Digger, R2-Sumo to high row, R3-straight leg to low row

Just enough time for Waterfall side obliques with coupon and 10 big boys with coupon.

Time was called.

COT – Welcomed FNG Squirt!

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