20+ reasons for Cohen

About 2 years ago I had my VQ at the Boondocks and it was pouring rain. Today we remembered that time and gave thanks for little Cohen who is now a cancer survivor at age three.

We began with disclaimers, a figure of eight run around the whole of the boondocks. We did downward dog with all the things and popped up for 20 SSHs. We were now warm and lose for the main thing.

We had a simple but effective chart:

40 4 ct. SSHs

Lap to road and back

20 pull thru Merkins/40 merkins


20 weighted squats/40 weighted lunges


20 weighted T Merkins/40 Bench Press


20 weighted Big Boys/ 40 weight OVH LBCs


20 OVH Press/ 40 curls


20 each side bent over rows/ 40 skull crushers


Rinse and repeat

5 minutes out of endex we circled up for Mary.

Col klink hit us with alot of freddy mercurys

Buckshot got us with something(iforget after all those freddys)

Sputnik laid on Heartbreakers

And Yankovic rounded us out with gas pumps


Time called, COT COR NOR

Announcements, dare to care check slack and please make sure to sign up this is a great cause and is M and 2.0 friendly, Awards Banquets this weekend make sure to check slack for which diamonds it is at because i am likely all kinds of confused on the location (no surprise there)

Intentions Single Source his father in law is going in for angioplasty and depending on that discover possible Open Heart lets remember him and the family as they wait with bated breath for the doctors report and the outcome of this procedure.

Remember a family that is fostering as they figure out whether or not the future includes the babies staying with them or not. I cant imagine how hard that must be.

All unspoken we give these to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ they are in the most capable hands.

Focker over out.

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