Backblast – Loco @ The County – 1.25.2022

Plain and simple, this morning was windy. It wasn’t really too windy, but it seemed to blow from every direction. All four of us met up at the flag, disclaimer was given, and then off we went to the front lot to try to hide from the wind.

At the front lot, we found that the wind was still blowing, but we did some SSH’s, then some Toy Soldiers. Well, most of us did Toy Soldiers. Pelican decided Grass Grabbers were more appropriate, so he did some of those. The best part, because he was looking down, he didn’t notice me, Crockpot, and Hush Puppy doing the correct exercise. We moved on to Kendra Newman’s so Pelican could watch what everyone else was doing. Finished it off with some Michael Phelps.

While in the front lot I pointed out the railing the leads to the front door to the school. I told the PAX they would come into play later.

Finish the mosey around the school (not the chapel) to the covered area by the playground. At this location we did 11’s. With 1 BBSU at the covered area, and then a defensive slide to the dumpster, and 10 Glut Bridge (Not sure if these have an F3 Exicon name. Maybe Mr. Saturday Night, Reverse Pickle Pounder, not sure.) Generally speaking there is a larger group at The Loco. Because of the smaller group it gave Pelican plenty of opportunity to catch up on some banter that he missed. It was at this point that Crockpot was offering book recommendations. The good news, rather than the books he offered to Lambeau, this was for Hush Puppy’s 2.0, so there were fewer words, and more pictures.

Once we completed the 11’s we went under the covered area. Here we would to 20 reps of both Dips and Derkins. One the Once we finished those, it was a mosey to the railing I pointed out earlier. Somewhere along the was it was brought up that Crockpot used to own a 1987 Monte Carlo. This got Hush Puppy’s heart rate to the highest it had been the entire workout. A whole lot of numbers (that didn’t include counting to 20) ensued. V6, V8, 302, Cubic inches, torque, and pistons. Which lead to the next nugget of mumblechatter, Pistons. I’m sure everyone knows Pelican is a basketball savant. As he stated naming off Detroit Piston players, the conversation switched to the 1992 Dream Team. So while we were at the railings in front of the school we did 20 reps of both Inverted Rows, and Incline Merkins. Pelican named every player on the 1992 Dream Team, in order of scoring percentage. Once we finished the rep count, we finished the loop back to the covered area for 20 more Dips and Derkins. Rinse and repeat until we made our way back to the flag.

At the flag I pulled out a speaker, and told the PAX we were going to hold plank in some form or another for the next 4 minutes. While we held plank I played a short clip from The West Wing. For those interested, here is the link. I played it twice. Once the clip was over, time was called, and we circled up for COT.

Announcements for Dare to Care (really I forgot that, but going to include it here since both Pelican and Crockpot generally read Backblasts.) F3 Prom (Awards banquet).

Intentions, and then I closed with a short note about the video clip. The message I get from the clip is that it is easy to do the simple things, or the minimum to help people. Go the extra distance. Talk about it. You might have experience that can benefit others.

Until next time.

Captain Crunchberry

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