BB The Range @ The Patriot 20APR2022

The men of The Patriot showed up with much enthusiasm this morning. We began with a nice even number of ten and finished with the same as we always (well usually) do.

0530 Disclaimer made and we began the COP. 25 SSH, Downward Dog with all the things, 10 GrassGrabbers and awe were sufficiently warmed up to execute the main event.

0535 we began an AMRAP style WOD. The Chicken Little WOD consists of 24 Merkins, 24 BigBoys, 24 Burpees and then a sprint around the courthouse block. Easy peasy, we rinsed and repeated for 30 minutes. Simple yet effective. Some got in 4 laps, couple others 5.

0605 We did a 10 count or 3, and then moseyed down in front of Crossroads PRC where we supported the fight against child sacrifice by doing 20 Pickle Pounders led by Layover.

0610 we moseyed back to the flag for COT.

Malpractice did an excellent job of lifting the knee and swinging the leg and was never walking when I looked at him. Great work HIM.

Patty was a blur around the block and I couldn’t tell if. Was trying to catch him or he I.

Rip was out front leading the pack. Big surprise there!

Fur Days just would not quit! HIM!

Swingset was looking swoll and intimidating everyone because no one had put him on the text thread yet. Hope you are happy now Swing.

It was good to see Katniss back out and wearing the bling. It was like you never missed a beat bro.

Swag was being the strong silent type, and making sure the operation went with =out a hitch.

Xerox was getting after it and getting stronger. I can tell the growth brother. Great work!

I was just being my usual self and being loud and obnoxious.

COT began with COR and NOR. We made announcements, don’t forget Convergence this Saturday at 0700 The O Seneca Park Basketball Courts. Pre ruck and Run starting at 0600 same location.

See Yank for more info on the brick 2nd F details.

Intentions, many spoken and unspoken. I have since forgot the names however we lifted each one up to the Sky Q and started are day off with w most important prayer for guidance and strength.

Great job men, honored to lead you each. You each make me a better Husband, Father, Man.

Focker Over Out.

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