BB 18May2022 Poshlands AAR

It was a perfect morning for running and running is what we did.

8 HIMs showed up for a Focker led workout and the pressure was on to deliver and deliver I intended to.

0530 We began with COP. 10 SSH, 10 Hillbillies, 10 toe to hand thingy (brain fart), DD with all the things.

O535 we headed off for a tour of the Poshlands Native American Run style. We stopped under a bridge for a 50 Merkin challenge winner chooses next exercise at next stop. That winner was Subprime (he finished one re ahead of me i might add).

We carried on Indian runnin till we found a barn. Subprime choose 40 stationary lunges and who won but none less then the new NanTan Jewel.

Jewel led us out till we found another bridge and made us do 10 burpees (big surprise) but I am surprised he didn’t pick more. Someone won but I cant remember who because as we were running past some soccer fields I thought what a lovely place for some sprint repeats..

We stopped here and not surprisingly Husky beat us all in three sprints out to the end and back, of a slick and rough soccer field. Woof! Great work Husky!

We continued on Feather chasing and arrived at a fountain. Here Husky put is to the task and not to be outdone by Jewel that task was 11 Kraken Burpees. Woof again!

We finished up when Minnow beat us all, and he lead us out towards Egg Lawn for the home stretch. We dashed and pushed our way around the Egg Lawn and I tried to breakthrough the group think going on in Jewels mind with his alter egos. I don’t think it worked but maybe.

Halfway around we rallied for a Glowsticks led 2 Minute High Plank and once he called competition he called for chocks and chains to be pulled, gave it a little collective and cycle and we were off for the final push to the flag with Glowsticks on point.

We arrived at the flag just in time for 2:30 of stretching.

Great work squad! Another mish successful.

COT began with COR 8 PAX present and accounted for.

NOR: Jewel, Glowsticks, Minnow, Subprime, Ed Scissorhands, Husky much respecto, Bob Ross great push brother, Focker Q.


D2C get out there and makes some meals for folks who wouldn’t eat well without the help of F3! Jitterbug for as long as I can remember has consistently and diligently stood at the helm and kept this effort going within F3. The Date to Care cause is huge and much needed. That is this Saturday check Slack and with Jitterbug for more details.

May Monthly Ruck, Scavenger Hunt ruck is this Friday SP at The Mutt. Startex is 1900. Endex at Gerstles is whenever it happens. The charitable org associated with this months tuck is Nortons Children’s Hospitals Child Life department and foundation. Check the link out on the rucking channel on Slack or reach out to the Q Plumb Bob for more details.

The Bigfoot 2.0 hunt is this Saturday at Birdies Farm in Shelby county. Ruby is your Q and he has more details on the bigfoot hunt channel on slack. 10a-3p. Make sure to bring ear and eye pro for everyone in your vehicle . This is a .22LR caliber steel target shoot with aBBQ and rewards at the end. Head over to the bigfoot hunt channel on Slack and HC now!


Maddie for continued strength as she awaits a new heart

Maggie for strength and healing as she starts her third round of chemo for breast CA.

Prayer made in a Ball of Man style and the flag in center.

Carpe Diem men

Focker Over Out

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