05/17/22 Backblast – The Max, Slide Rule Q

This morning, a pleasant 50-degree temperature was just right for tuning the guitar. I purchased my first guitar in 2017 from Mexico; it was a classical guitar. Then in 2020, I procured an acoustic-electric guitar and started learning. Slowly that enthusiasm died off. I am now picking it back up (Get it, what I did there?). From an aerial view, I see a guitar at Bayside. So naturally, I wanted to tune it for some sweet suffering. COP started with some Grass grabbing and other random stuff while I was trying to think of a second exercise that begins with the letter E…more on that later. We also did some hammy, hip flexor, and armbar stretches, finished out with some Mr. Panchos (AKA Michael Phelps).

The Thang: Standard guitar tuning is EADGBE thus we did an exercise at the guitar bridge for 1 minute and 45 seconds. We changed it up for each string going up the fretboard and back to the bridge. Specific movements were called out as we went. The key was as follows: E=Elevators (Movement Mosey up; Bernie back); A=Ankle bitters (Karaoke up & back); D=Decline Merkins (Mario up and back); G=Groiners (Mosey up and back); B=Burpees (Frog jump up, mosey back); E=El Chapo which I came up with on the spot as a name, is a woodchopper exercise (Movement high knees to the tuners). Called time as we finished up the fretboard. Circled up for COT had Borland (R), Ruby (R), Banana Bread, and YHC. Lifted up our brother Charolais for recovery and put the guitar in the case. Cheers, Slide Rule

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