03/09/2023 BackBlast – FIVE YEAR AO-Versary @ Bayside

Moderately cool and brimming with excitement, I was reving my engine leaving Dunkin’ this morning. Armed with donuts, coffee, a speaker, cones, and gratitude I entered Bayside property with two minutes to spare. I might have given the disclaimer? We did a count-a-roma and name-a-roma to make sure we knew who need not be leftContinue reading “03/09/2023 BackBlast – FIVE YEAR AO-Versary @ Bayside”

03/09/2023 FIVE YEAR AO-versary @ BAYSIDE !!!

Get ready for a Bayside Reunion five years in the making. Nobody parties like the preppies. We will have 45 minutes of full body beatdown with the classics blaring over the PA system. No Coupons needed for this burner. We will be observing our five year mark at 5:30am on Thursday 03/09/2023 at the BigContinue reading “03/09/2023 FIVE YEAR AO-versary @ BAYSIDE !!!”

02-16-2023 Pre-Blast: Beach Body VQ! @ The Big Kapowski

Tomorrow we have one in the respect category looking to school the pax. Beach Body has his Virgin Q! Come out and support this HIM as he takes the reins. IMPORTANT: Park between Moorman and Collins school so that we can use a Portico in the case of rain. Also bring a coupon. Cheers! -SlideContinue reading “02-16-2023 Pre-Blast: Beach Body VQ! @ The Big Kapowski”

11/17/22 PB The Big Kapowski – Slide Rule Q

Gentlemen, Winter is upon us but we must face it head on. Together we will get through it but first we need to get through “The Rinse & Repeat”. This will be a simple set of activities to be revealed at approximately 5:30 am at Martha Layne High School home to the Titans and aContinue reading “11/17/22 PB The Big Kapowski – Slide Rule Q”

11/03/22 Back Blast – The Big Kapowski – Slide Rule Q

Had a good showing at Bayside this morning. We had optimal temperatures. You don’t appreciate this weather until it is the dead of winter or summer’s heat is at it peak. After arriving at 5:30 am on the dot I began to give the disclaimer followed by a mosey to softer ground at the playContinue reading “11/03/22 Back Blast – The Big Kapowski – Slide Rule Q”

11-03-22 Pre-Blast – Training Curricular 87, The Big Kapowski – Slide Rule Q

Better late than never? Gentlemen, bringing back the training curricular 87 to The Big Kapowski tomorrow. Only @Charolais and YHC has experienced this in the bayside ranks. Be prepared for some seemingly easy movements to push your physical limits and test how well conditioned you are. Consider it a warm up for the test thatContinue reading “11-03-22 Pre-Blast – Training Curricular 87, The Big Kapowski – Slide Rule Q”

10/27/22 Pre-Blast Ghost Q – The Big Kapowski

Pax, only one person knows what is in store tomorrow there are only two people that know who is the Q. Lets prepare with a word from the ghost Q himself: “We’ll do a little of everything tomorrow. Will do some partner work and a little bit of moving around. I do have a specialContinue reading “10/27/22 Pre-Blast Ghost Q – The Big Kapowski”

09/29/22 PB IPC Week 4 @ The Big Kapwoski – Slide Rule (Proctor)

Gentlemen, we are starting to see some cooler temperatures outside but it will get toasty in the gloom tomorrow. We have the last but not the least of IPC 2022. Labeled “death by skinny runner”, this weinke is packed full of distance. 100 Gas Pumpers (Knees to Chest), 50 Jump Rope, 1 mile run, 25Continue reading “09/29/22 PB IPC Week 4 @ The Big Kapwoski – Slide Rule (Proctor)”

09/22/2022 BB IPC Week 3 2022 – The Big Kapwoski – Slide Rule Proctor

We had great weather for what was a challenging weinke. Review we had 9 pax attend IPC week 3 at The Big Kapwoski. A few papers were blown in the wind since the proctor did not bring paper weights with him (Oops). One of the pax spilled merlot while pushing himself to the limits…Then cameContinue reading “09/22/2022 BB IPC Week 3 2022 – The Big Kapwoski – Slide Rule Proctor”

09/15/22 PB IPC Week 2 -The Big Kapowski – Slide Rule (Proctor)

Format: AMRAP for 45 minutes Set-Up: Make a 5-point star with each point of the star being 25 yards away from the center. Workout starts with: 1. 5 ManMakers in the middle. Rifle carry to cone 2 and perform 10 “We’re Not Worthy”. Farmer carry back to center. 2. 5 ManMakers/Blockees in middle. Rifle carryContinue reading “09/15/22 PB IPC Week 2 -The Big Kapowski – Slide Rule (Proctor)”

09/01/2022 Pre-Blast – IPC Wk 0 – The Big Kapowski – Slide Rule Q

Tomorrow will begin the Iron Pax Challenge at Bayside. The Big Kapowski will be hosting IPC WK 0 this week and then for the next 4 weeks consumed by thrusters, merkins, bear crawls, burpees, and broad jumps. Please review the instructional video at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzLzI-xjCis&t=131s 1). You will need a coupon for this workoutContinue reading “09/01/2022 Pre-Blast – IPC Wk 0 – The Big Kapowski – Slide Rule Q”

08/25/22 Back Blast -Slide Rule Q School @ The Big Kapowski

The bell rang and we were in session as the last of the pax scuffled in. Started out by reiterating the importance of giving a disclaimer as Q and taking note of any FNGs to keep tabs on during the workout. We then moseyed w/ coupon to the east end of Bayside. As we settledContinue reading “08/25/22 Back Blast -Slide Rule Q School @ The Big Kapowski”

08/25/22 PB Q School @ The Big Kapowski – Slide Rule

Back to basics at Bayside High tomorrow. There will be some classic Weinke formats thrown in to generate ideas for the pax. We have several FNGs in the last few weeks so what better time to get some guys to drink more of the kool-aid? We will be reminded or for some learn, the fiveContinue reading “08/25/22 PB Q School @ The Big Kapowski – Slide Rule”

08/18/22 PB FIELD DAY @The Big Kapowski -Slide Rule Q

Pax, Field days are always good days, even if you lost the three legged race or Betty Mae turned down the offer of half your tuna sandwich at lunch. There is something about the crisp air and particularly grass under your feet. Tomorrow will be no different. We are headed to the field. No couponsContinue reading “08/18/22 PB FIELD DAY @The Big Kapowski -Slide Rule Q”

06/16/2022 Pre-Blast The Big Kapowski – Slide Rule @ Field Day!

PAX, tomorrow is a field day. That means bring your cleats and we will park at the portico around back of the school. 5:30 am is the start time. I will be bringing a few toys as well. Looking forward to seeing Sadie (I hope) for the first time since convergence. And of course “Preppy”,theContinue reading “06/16/2022 Pre-Blast The Big Kapowski – Slide Rule @ Field Day!”

06/14/2022 Pre-Blast Cycle Circuit @ BO Goshen

Wow it is warming up outside…not gonna cool down much overnight and we have a burner on tap for tomorrow. It’s gonna be sweaty and gross. If you cannot stand to trade some sweat with others this may not be for you. Do the smart thing and bring some agua for before/after(during as needed). GlovesContinue reading “06/14/2022 Pre-Blast Cycle Circuit @ BO Goshen”

05/17/22 Backblast – The Max, Slide Rule Q

This morning, a pleasant 50-degree temperature was just right for tuning the guitar. I purchased my first guitar in 2017 from Mexico; it was a classical guitar. Then in 2020, I procured an acoustic-electric guitar and started learning. Slowly that enthusiasm died off. I am now picking it back up (Get it, what I didContinue reading “05/17/22 Backblast – The Max, Slide Rule Q”

MAY THE 4TH 2022 Pre-Blast The Bridge @Poshland – Slide Rule Q

It’s been a long time since I have Q’d outside of the Bay area. Already starting to get the jitters or is that because Jitterbug will be at Posh in the morning? Either way cloudy and 55° is pristine weather for a beatdown. Even though I really want to tryout my new coupon, we willContinue reading “MAY THE 4TH 2022 Pre-Blast The Bridge @Poshland – Slide Rule Q”

04/26/22 PB THE MAX AT BAYSIDE -Slide Rule Q

Come prepared tomorrow for hardwork. As Borland reiterated multiple times at The Big Kapowski last week we don’t get up for easy. We are gonna use some coupons but with even more body weight work. We are a man down tomorrow so we need to pick up the slack for Charolais’ absence. See y’all atContinue reading “04/26/22 PB THE MAX AT BAYSIDE -Slide Rule Q”