06/16/2022 Pre-Blast The Big Kapowski – Slide Rule @ Field Day!

PAX, tomorrow is a field day. That means bring your cleats and we will park at the portico around back of the school. 5:30 am is the start time. I will be bringing a few toys as well. Looking forward to seeing Sadie (I hope) for the first time since convergence. And of course “Preppy”,theContinue reading “06/16/2022 Pre-Blast The Big Kapowski – Slide Rule @ Field Day!”

06/14/2022 Pre-Blast Cycle Circuit @ BO Goshen

Wow it is warming up outside…not gonna cool down much overnight and we have a burner on tap for tomorrow. It’s gonna be sweaty and gross. If you cannot stand to trade some sweat with others this may not be for you. Do the smart thing and bring some agua for before/after(during as needed). GlovesContinue reading “06/14/2022 Pre-Blast Cycle Circuit @ BO Goshen”

05/17/22 Backblast – The Max, Slide Rule Q

This morning, a pleasant 50-degree temperature was just right for tuning the guitar. I purchased my first guitar in 2017 from Mexico; it was a classical guitar. Then in 2020, I procured an acoustic-electric guitar and started learning. Slowly that enthusiasm died off. I am now picking it back up (Get it, what I didContinue reading “05/17/22 Backblast – The Max, Slide Rule Q”

MAY THE 4TH 2022 Pre-Blast The Bridge @Poshland – Slide Rule Q

It’s been a long time since I have Q’d outside of the Bay area. Already starting to get the jitters or is that because Jitterbug will be at Posh in the morning? Either way cloudy and 55° is pristine weather for a beatdown. Even though I really want to tryout my new coupon, we willContinue reading “MAY THE 4TH 2022 Pre-Blast The Bridge @Poshland – Slide Rule Q”

04/26/22 PB THE MAX AT BAYSIDE -Slide Rule Q

Come prepared tomorrow for hardwork. As Borland reiterated multiple times at The Big Kapowski last week we don’t get up for easy. We are gonna use some coupons but with even more body weight work. We are a man down tomorrow so we need to pick up the slack for Charolais’ absence. See y’all atContinue reading “04/26/22 PB THE MAX AT BAYSIDE -Slide Rule Q”

03-08-2022 4-Year AO-versary Bayside PB – Slide Rule Q

Pax, I hope that all are prepared to celebrate big for this joyous occasion. We have 4 years of madness complete at Bayside. Word has it that we will have some of the OG bayside preppies. No coupons needed just the will to persevere and the time to stick around for some cafeteria after. 5:30Continue reading “03-08-2022 4-Year AO-versary Bayside PB – Slide Rule Q”

11/4/2021 Slide Rule Q – The Big Kapowski @ Bayside

Hey everybody! Excited to lead the charge in the gloom tomorrow where the preppys get up early and start the day off right. As usual start time is 5:30 AM (says the guy that showed up at 5:40 AM for the The Max on Tuesday (Sorry Schotzie!). We will not be using full size CouponsContinue reading “11/4/2021 Slide Rule Q – The Big Kapowski @ Bayside”

PB 10/21/2021 Slide Rule Q – The Big Kapowski

All, Tomorrow @5:30 AM. we will have a bench warming session at Bayside. This is what you do to work as hard as those in the game, until you get your big break. No coupon needed Gloves unnecessary. Bring your competitive spirit so that you can earn a participation trophy by the time we areContinue reading “PB 10/21/2021 Slide Rule Q – The Big Kapowski”

9/9/21 PB IPC W1 The Big Kapowski @ Bayside

Exquisite weather conditions for IPC W1: Feels Like 56°; Wind W 3 mph; Humidity 86%; UV Index 0 of 10 No need for sunscreen Just like my flight with Southwest this weekend we will offer a modified service but in this case with the real deal as well! See the map in post to follow andContinue reading “9/9/21 PB IPC W1 The Big Kapowski @ Bayside”

9/2/21 PB IPC W0 The Big Kapowski @ Bayside

Get ready Bayside we have the first taste of IronPax Challenge 2021 (Week 0 does not count) tomorrow morning @ The Big Kapowski 5:30 AM. YHC is the proctor. WO details below including map to add up run distances CAPOOT WO (https://f3greenwood.com/category/f3gwd/): 100 Merkins (a.k.a. – Push-Ups) 800 meter Run 75 Merkins 1,200 meter RunContinue reading “9/2/21 PB IPC W0 The Big Kapowski @ Bayside”

8/24/21 Q School Pre-Blast The Max @Bayside -Substitute Mr. Slide Rule

Due to my need for high altitude on Thursday Birdie granted me the honor of being the substitute teacher tomorrow. Although I am not the site Q for The Max I can assure you that I know my way around and will not tolerate any horseplay on the first day of Q school. If youContinue reading “8/24/21 Q School Pre-Blast The Max @Bayside -Substitute Mr. Slide Rule”

08/05/21 Back Blast – Slide Rule Site Q Intro -The Big Kaposki @ Bayside

61 degrees…what a perfect temp for a morning in the gloom! YHC arrived 15 minutes prior to the start of my first Q as the Site Q of The Big Kapowski @ Bayside. I came equipped with two battery powered tower lights and a speaker. Squid was already out there getting loose like a studContinue reading “08/05/21 Back Blast – Slide Rule Site Q Intro -The Big Kaposki @ Bayside”

08/05/21 – Pre-Blast Slide Rule Site Q Intro The Big Kapowski

Gentlemen, It is with great pleasure that I will lead the Q tomorrow for the first day as the OFFICIAL SITE Q of The Big Kapowski @ Bayside High. The shindig begins at 5:30 AM. Please come prepared with shirt, shorts, and gloves, shoes are optional (I literally am thinking about going barefoot) We willContinue reading “08/05/21 – Pre-Blast Slide Rule Site Q Intro The Big Kapowski”

5/6/2021 PB-Casey Crucible-The BIG Kapowski @Bayside

@5:30 AM – BRING A BASKETBALL!! We will be going through training using “the rock”, “the sphere”, “the brick”, “brownball”, or whatever other moniker you like…by the end we might be calling it the coupon. Bringing some County to Collins, we will honor SC native Mike Casey by pushing the limits for 45 minutes. NotContinue reading “5/6/2021 PB-Casey Crucible-The BIG Kapowski @Bayside”

Back Blast 03/09/2021 3 Year – Bayside Bash – Rinse and Repeat!

You know they say plagarism is the highest form of flattery (Don’t tell my professors at WKU I said that). This Weinke was special to me as it was the list for first Bayside Q. Secondly this was created by the legend Glacoma. In honor of both I had to do the old Rinse andContinue reading “Back Blast 03/09/2021 3 Year – Bayside Bash – Rinse and Repeat!”

3/9/2021 PB – BAYSIDE 3-Year Bash – Slide Rule Q

Class will be in session as usual tomorrow 5:30 AM. Bring your brightest colors and boldest eighties/nineties attire for a classic beatdown. Required:1. To be a man 2. Willing to workout outdoors 3. Willing to go to a free workout 4. Willing to join the circle of trust 5. Willing to lead when it comesContinue reading “3/9/2021 PB – BAYSIDE 3-Year Bash – Slide Rule Q”

Back Blast – 02/18/2021 The Big Kapowski – Slide Rule

Snow white and just right! The weather was perfect for a challenging Q. Inclement weather Q might stick after this one. I came in with one objective build a snowman with anyone that was willing to get out of the fartsack to join me. To rescue came Birdie, Slugger, and Firing Pin. We quickly gotContinue reading “Back Blast – 02/18/2021 The Big Kapowski – Slide Rule”