BB: Freedom Friday LA BO 02July2021

Good morning men. I hope your Independence Day weekend is off to a great start, as it was in LaGrange Ky at The Patriot this morning.

8 HIMs reported to duty and assembled around the Col William Oldham Statue. Holy Roller(R), Ruby(R), Swag, Shadetree, Lucky Charms, Hardley, Layup (FNG), Focker (q).

0530 Disclaimers made. We began COP with 20 SSHs, then DD with all the requisite trimmings, TS 10 of em, Kendra Newmens, Micheal Phelps. We picked up our coupons, moseyed the 1/4 mile to the coupon dump, picked up a coupon for the PAX without, and moseyed the final 1/4 mile to the Casualty Collection Point (CCP).

Main Body Workout. We circled up and formed the CCP with the coupons and the F3 shield. We then set out on a patrol utilizing the staggered column formation with adequate dispersion. As we moved to our objective we were halted frequently for a variety of reasons; burpees, merkins, sit ups, and more burpees. Our element then picked up the pace keeping good formation and came upon our Operational Rally Point (ORP).

We received our orders to form two man teams and began 1/3rd a DORA and do 150 burpees as a team. One man chipping away at burpees while the other man sprinted toward the front line and back. We alternated the sprinting and burpees till we reached our goal and achieved victory. But victory rarely comes without a price.

As the objective was completed the two men teams would then battle buddy carry each other the 1/4 mile back to the CCP alternating with one another switching at exhaustion. The modification was bear crawls or walking lunges.

The six reached the CCP. We recovered our equipment, the medic looked us over and we hustled back to the flag in time for time to be called.

0615 TIME, we rallied around the flag and did COR all 8 present and accounted for, NOR.

FNG named welcome Layup. Good job scoring one for the other team. Way to show up early and put out young man (15 y/o)!

Announcements…. crickets…. no announcements.. hmm… okay….

Intentions. Virginia’s recovery, Holy Rollers healing for his knee, young lady rescued from sex trafficking and in restoration. All spoken and unspoken taken to the sky Q.

Lead your family and those around you as you pursue and follow Christ!

Carpe Diem

Focker Over Out

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