BB: Moonshiner @Boondocks on 7/1; Cochran Q


Bulletin (R)
Holy Roller (R)
Le Pew
Flex Seal
Cochran (Q)

We warmed up with a little mosey and some fast-paced SSH.  We got caught in a little rain for the rest of COP, and it felt like a downpour was imminent, so I led the PAX under the pavilion.  Of course it didn’t rain at all for the rest of the workout. 

THANG:  TABATA!!!  We did six sets of six exercises:

Monkey Humpers
Copperhead Squats (with coupon)
Bench Press
Jump Squats

After the sixth set of each exercise, we would run from the pavilion to the road and back.  That way Abacus wouldn’t have to feel like he was just standing around. 

Thanks to maintaining a quick pace, after completing the Tabata circuit, we had time for Sally (Pelican’s favorite song).    Finished with some LBCs and big, sweaty ball of man.

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