Backblast 10/6 Planetarium @Boondocks; Cochran

A bunch of greenhorns gathered around to learn how to lead a workout from this grizzled old veteran.  Pax: AbacusLe PewBulletin (R)Holy Roller (R)Honey DoMeter MaidBackflopCochran (Q) Conditions:  It was so cold.  Started with a short mosey just to get the blood pumping because it was honest to God six degrees outside this morning, andContinue reading “Backblast 10/6 Planetarium @Boondocks; Cochran”

Pre-Blast for Q School at the Boondocks; Tuesday 10/6/20 at 05:30; Cochran (and Le Pew) Q

It’s Q School week, which means we are keeping workouts a little simpler. I know you all like a show, but there’s nothing wrong with being basic, and tomorrow we’re all going to be some basics.  Grab a coupon and a pumpkin spice latte and meet Coach Cochran at the Boondocks for some full-body Tabata. SYITG.

Backblast 7/23/20 Agony @the County; Cochran Q

First, shout out to the Sky Q for keeping that rain in the clouds for almost the entire workout!  Fourteen posted at the Agony this morning.  Pax:  Pelican, Le Pew, Double Down (R), Hush Puppy, Bulletin (R), Tidwell, Little Jerry (R), Jerry Maguire (R), Wild Flower, Fungi, Cratchit, Holy Roller (R), Brown Water, Cochran (Q).Continue reading “Backblast 7/23/20 Agony @the County; Cochran Q”

7/23/20 Pre-Blast for Agony @the County; Cochran Q

Dunning Kruger Effect is real.  Hamilton has been playing on Disney+ since July 3rd, which basically means I’m legit woke to the world of musicals.  And I feel sorry for all you plebs who lack the refinement to treat with me concerning matters of such elegance.  Tomorrow, I’ll humbly serve as the Henry Higgins toContinue reading “7/23/20 Pre-Blast for Agony @the County; Cochran Q”

North Posh Back Blast 7/6 Cochran Q

PAX:  Nice ‘N Slow, Nino, Storm Trooper, Huggies, Minnow, Bulletin (R), Cochran (Q) I tried to stay true to North Posh’s original run-centric mission statement, and kept us moving this (humid) morning. We started with a mosey to the bottom of the hill, and then Bernie Sanders all the way back up. After Bernie, weContinue reading “North Posh Back Blast 7/6 Cochran Q”

Backblast — Foundry 3/11; Cochran Q

Good friends, good times, and with DJ Cochran spinning the ones and twos, we learned this morning that multiple eargasms are not mythical. PAX: Dauber Fructose Leprechaun Big Bird Brown Water Meter Maid Hush Puppy Chief (R) Giselle Crock Pot Honey Do Mayhem Cochran Started with a gentle mosey before warming up with: Good MorningsContinue reading “Backblast — Foundry 3/11; Cochran Q”

Pre-Blast for Foundry 3/11/20; Cochran Q

I know friends don’t let friends skip leg day, but I figure none of you will want to be my friend by the end of tomorrow’s workout, anyway.  This week’s Foundry will focus on arms, chest, and core.  If you are nursing a balky knee or foot, this will cure what ails you (not really,Continue reading “Pre-Blast for Foundry 3/11/20; Cochran Q”

Backblast from Big Kapowski 2/20

I had a wonderful time at my Bayside VQ.  With such great company, there wasn’t really any way around that, though.  Pax:  Charolais(R), Birdie, Thumbtack, SlideRule, MarlboroMan, Bulletin(R), AirSupply, Sadie, Squid, LePew, Glaucoma, Cochran. I took advantage of the beautifully balmy February morning to tour the Bayside campus.  We warmed up with a half-mile run,Continue reading “Backblast from Big Kapowski 2/20”

Pre-Blast: Cochran Q — Big Kapowski @ Bayside on 2/20

Fun Fact:  AC1Slater is the only AIM name I’ve ever used (hit me up).  So my Bayside VQ is long overdo.  I’ll have you preppies all warmed up with some running to complement a full-body workout.  No coupons, but I still recommend gloves.  Mesh ones.  That’s unrelated to the workout.  I just like how theyContinue reading “Pre-Blast: Cochran Q — Big Kapowski @ Bayside on 2/20”

Back Blast Peggy Baker Black-Ops 12/10

Weather — Cold, a little wet, and surprisingly windy.  Overall, a beautiful morning. Pax: Fungi Leprechaun Fear Factor Giselle Cochran Bulletin (Can’t put a big enough font size for the “R” here!) COP: Warm up lap to the ball fields followed by SSH, then getting shoulders and legs loose with downward dog, Michael Phelps, andContinue reading “Back Blast Peggy Baker Black-Ops 12/10”

BB: 9/14 Nest; Big Bird & Cochran Anniversary Co-Q

Pax (19): Pelican, Gilligan, Abacus, Holler, Trekkie, Le Pew, Mama’s Boy, Porkchop, WILDflower, Airplane, Brown Water, Duplo, Jolly Rancher, Giselle, Prime Time, Titan, Cratchit, Big Bird & Cochran Weather:  Glorious Two years ago, Phoenix Big Bird and I completed our first F3 workout—a Little Jerry Q at Posh with extensive trail running, and a series ofContinue reading “BB: 9/14 Nest; Big Bird & Cochran Anniversary Co-Q”

Pre-Blast: The Nest 9/14; Big Bird & Cochran Co-Q

Big Bird and I were in the same pledge class, and tomorrow we will celebrate our two-year anniversary by hazing the bejesus out of you worms (no offense, @Worm).  It’s going to be a beautiful morning, and Bird will lead things off with some plyo and heavy cardio, followed by me reviving my famous JazzerciseContinue reading “Pre-Blast: The Nest 9/14; Big Bird & Cochran Co-Q”

8/20/19 Back Blast; Peggy Baker Black Ops

PAX: Backflop, Bulletin (R), Airplane, Le Pew, Giselle, Dauber, Jolly Rancher, Cochran (Q). Weather: Woof! Eight made it out for a run-heavy Black-Ops this muggy morning at Peggy Baker. We Started with a Native American run across the campus, then warmed up with: SSH x25 Abe Vigoda Kendra Newmans Copperhead Squats x 20 Downward DogContinue reading “8/20/19 Back Blast; Peggy Baker Black Ops”

8/20 Black-Ops Pre-Blast — Peggy Baker? Slow down, I don’t even know her!

This is a great location we are starting to use, and it offers tons of room for activities.  I don’t want to pull back the curtain too far, but you’ll get a full-body workout with a generous dose of running.  No coupon work tomorrow. For the meteorologists out there, we’ll be taking advantage of theContinue reading “8/20 Black-Ops Pre-Blast — Peggy Baker? Slow down, I don’t even know her!”

5.9 Back Blast Agony @ the County

Pax: Airplane, Double Down, Scratch-N-Dent, Little Jerry, PewPew, Giselle, Crockpot, Big Bird, Fungi, Bulletin, Mama’s Boy, Ashley, Alexa, Viking, Abacus, Speed Bump   Q: Cochran   The school year is winding down, and YHC wanted to give everyone a shot at checking all the boxes for the Presidential Fitness Challenge before summer vacation. Themes areContinue reading “5.9 Back Blast Agony @ the County”

Pre-Blast County Black Ops 9/15

One year ago, Big Bird and I attended our first F3 workout.  As pledge brothers, we felt it would be appropriate to celebrate with a Co-Q Black Ops at the County this Saturday.  If you know a welder, borrow his mask, because we’re melting faces.  After starting the weekend with an exhausting beatdown, we willContinue reading “Pre-Blast County Black Ops 9/15”

St. Al’s Back Blast 5/29/18

Eleven HIMs graciously showed up for my VQ, including Airplane, who lacked only face-melting intro music when he emerged from the darkness with a flag held high aloft. VQ:  Cochran PAX: Scratch-N-Dent, Abacus, O.J., Little Jerry, Airplane, Big Bird, Boozer, Ashley, Meter Maid, Double Down, Valdez Warmed up with Abe Vigodas, Finkle Swings, Imperial Walkers, and Nancy Kerrigans. Main Workout:  We left theContinue reading “St. Al’s Back Blast 5/29/18”

5/29/18 — Pre-Blast — St. Al’s

Hope you all still want some more after all that Murphing this weekend.  I don’t want to build a nasty reputation on my VQ, and pledge to keep all fibulas intact.  Therefore, you won’t face any coupons–and more importantly, coupon holes–tomorrow.  I’ve got some other work in mind for you. Meet behind the church byContinue reading “5/29/18 — Pre-Blast — St. Al’s”