Backblast from 7/27 Planetarium @Boondocks;

It was a beautiful morning, and I came to the Boondocks equipped with my handy D20. We counted off and then I rolled the die to find out who would get to take the lead on the workout. Lucky me? More like, lucky them!


Le Pew
Bulletin (R)
Holy Roller (R)
Flex Seal
Yankovich (R)
Virginia Slims
Honey Do
Boss Hog (R)
Cochran (Random Q)

We started with a mosey so I could think up a workout, and converged by the concession stand, which apparently is out of pretzels AND fountain drinks (concede defeat, concession stand). Warmed up with some Good Mornings, SSH, Downward Dog stretches, and Toy Soldiers.

THANG 1 — Partnered up for Dora. Had to hit rep totals of 150 merkins, 200 squats, 250 calf raises, and 300 air presses. The end was great. It looked like we were tearing up the club in unison.

Moseyed back to the flags, and then I mixed in some PT with wind sprints x3. Mystery playlist randomized to the Mortal Kombat soundtrack, so we were all winners there. Finished up with some Mary and a little extra stretching for good measure (Devitto-approved).

COT with announcements and intentions, and we otherwise landed the plane uneventfully.

Fantastic work by the PAX, and I’m looking forward to attending more Random Q events this week.

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