Back-Blast – The Cliffs @ The Garden – 7.20.21

Nino had something come up and I hadn’t Q’d in while so I jumped at the opportunity to cover for him when asked. I wanted to keep the workout simple but effective. I also wanted to give the PAX an opportunity to focus on form instead rep count.

We ran a Dora set on the Hill of Stolen Souls but instead of the partners combining for a total number of reps, each PAX worked the rep count at their own pace focusing on form.

Here is a more detailed description of what we did:

Warm-up – run up Baptizer with Bernie half way up to the top. COP – 25 x SSH, 15 x Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog each leg, 20 Merkins and 20 Boyos. Run to the bottom of the HOSS.

Dora Set:

P1 – Run to speed bumps on HOSS – Merkins until failure

P2 – Burpee block jump overs – max until P1 returns – once you hit failure walking Merkins – 5 one way, 5 back the other way

Once both PAX finished these:

P1 – Run HOSS – Overhead Press to failure

P2 – Coupon Squats – Walking Merkins upon failure

3rd set:

P1 – Run HOSS – Curls until failure

P2 – Lunges – WM’s upon failure

4th Set:

P1 – Run Hoss – Curl Press until failure

P2 – In/Out Squats – WM’s upon failure

Once we finished this we completed a 1 lap Indian run around the campus back to the HOSS where we finished w/ plyometrics and Mary

30 second coupon squat jumps, 30 second alternating jump lunges, 30 second Merkins with a clap

Flutter Kicks, Freddie Mercuries, Airplane and Bow Pose for lower back

Loved being out there and leading. Looking forward to next time.


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