BB: Planetarium @ The Boondocks; 4/26

Sixteen made it to the Boondocks to enjoy a workout in these brisk April climes. 


Asian Zing (R)
Honey Do
Single Source
Colonel Klink
Flex Seal
Meter Maid
Brown Water
Cochran (Q)

It was a real tour de force out there this morning.  We moseyed a lap, warmed up with SSH, Toy Soldiers, Michael Phelps, Kindra Newmans, stretching, etc.

THANG – You know that thing when teachers get to see which kids will be in their class for the school year?  And then sometimes one teacher gets all the kids who talk the whole time, sniff markers, and do recess Fight Club?  And then there are still good kids in the class too, but the teacher maybe doesn’t even notice them anymore because the world map, bathroom slip, and Webster’s dictionary are literally on fire?  And one of those monsters took Alexander Hamsterton out of his activity ball and put him in the aquarium?  Well today was a great workout. 

We did DORA.  But not the kind where you count reps.  The kind where you run and do an exercise until it’s time for a new exercise.  We did:

Pulse Squats
Big Boys
Superman Swimmers
And another one.  I know what it was, but I’m not going to name it.  Not because I don’t remember which exercise it was—because I definitely remember it.  But because this way it builds more intrigue and you’ll be more likely to come out next time.

Circled up for a brief Mary, which included pickle pounders and Freddy Mercurys. 

Announcements, Intentions, and then the most memorable parting thoughts a Q has ever offered.  It was so emotional that Pelican’s entire body was drenched in tears by the time I finished speaking.

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