Backblast 10/6 Planetarium @Boondocks; Cochran

A bunch of greenhorns gathered around to learn how to lead a workout from this grizzled old veteran.  Pax:

Le Pew
Bulletin (R)
Holy Roller (R)
Honey Do
Meter Maid
Cochran (Q)

Conditions:  It was so cold. 

Started with a short mosey just to get the blood pumping because it was honest to God six degrees outside this morning, and nobody warned me that that would be the case. 

COP:  All IC, SSH (20), Toy Soldiers (10), Imperial Walkers (20), Good Mornings (10), Grass Grabbers

THANG – TABATA!  We all agreed that my knockoff Tabata app brought great shame upon the house of Cochran.  If things at work improve, I will have to splurge for the $4.99 app that Le Pew was trotting out last week (before winter came).  We did squats, chest press, monkey humpers, Superman, overhead press, and curls. 

After finishing Tabata we did wind sprints because I always like to do something to keep Backflop’s self confidence high.  He smoked us. 

Circled back up for Mary, then moved that circle around the flag for COT.  Announcements and intentions, including thoughts and prayers for Bulletin’s friend, Hightower’s friends and family, and Backflop’s ten-year-old cousin. 

I appreciate the chance to lead everyone during Q School week, especially when it’s a bunch of guys who could all know this stuff inside and out.  It’s a great reflection of the enthusiasm we have among the F3 community, and that continuing enthusiasm to learn, get better, and positively impact others is what always brings me back. 

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