BB for 11/3 Foundry @County


Yankovic (R)
Single Source
Holy Roller (R)
Brown Water
Meter Maid
Le Pew
Cochran (Q)

Can we call that brisk? It was f#@#*&#% cold!! Pax assembled by the flags, disclaimer issued, and we moseyed our coupons over to the playground area so we could incorporate the pull-ups I promised into the workout.

COP: SSH, Abe Vigodas, Grass grabbers, Michael Phelps, and Kindra Newmans.

For the heavy, I put together a ladder workout that did not require us to run. We did twenty reps for each exercise, and instead of running between sets, we did five pull-ups. Yankovic couldn’t resist, and went on a long run between two of his sets, but that was mostly because he had an extra pair of gloves to loan to LePew. Nobody had extra shoes or pants, so LePew had to deal with the consequences of his poor planning on those fronts. But he learned a valuable lesson about dressing properly for the occasion, and “getting better” can come in myriad forms in the gloom. The exercises:

Side Ab Bends
Chest Press
Calf Raises
Skull Crushers

We tacked on a few minutes of EMOM where everyone did five pull-ups, ten merkins, and fifteen squats on the minute. Then I got tired, and we moseyed back to the flags for lightning round of Mary.

Announcements, Intentions, and daps. The runners made it back as we were finishing up. As I drove away, I saw Meter Maid, Brown Water, and Dauber talking–no doubt sharing legendary tales of the Foundry’s history known only to her proud Site Q’s. If I squinted I could almost see Alexa smiling down on them from Foundry Site Q heaven. Cochran out.

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