BB: 11/19 Wisteria @ Pleasantville; Cochran Q

Weather:  weather schmeather.  Think bigger! Let’s focus on astronomy today, and anytime a workout starts with a lunar eclipse, you know it’s gonna be good…even when it’s 26 degrees outside.


Big Bird
Flex Seal
Cochran (Q)

Bird, Flex Seal, Abacus and I readied ourselves to plunge into the darkness of Pleasantville when YNot came in hot to join the fray. Five fingers are stronger together as a fist, so we marched as one, Native American Run style. 


Ten Burpees
Grass Grabbers
Toy Soldiers
Downward Diggity Dog
Mountain Climbers (IC) x 15

THANG: Modified Tabata (Cochbata?). The pre-blast promised that we would do exercises until we were finished. That really wasn’t as vague as it sounds. We did circuits of exercises timed (I was the timer) for longer sets to emphasize slow reps and good form to exhaustion.   We would do sets for thirty to sixty seconds, immediately move to the next exercise, and run through the circuit three times. After finishing the third round, we moseyed. Insider tip: Abacus gets cranky if he goes longer than fifteen minutes without running, so you’ve got to accommodate him. It’s like rewarding a big man for running the floor.


Curls (x3)
Pulse Squats (x3)
Bench (x3)


Derkins (x3)
Dips (x3)
Rows (x3)


Al Gore (x3)
Calf Raises (x3)
Superman (x3)

Only a little time at the end for Mary, but we squeezed in some flutter kicks, LBCs, and pickle pounders. In a touching moment during Mary, YNot confided that he couldn’t do a single pickle pounder when he started F3. This morning he was doing them with no hands. Just when you thought you’d heard it all about the way F3 changes lives…

COT — Get out for the ruck tonight! Viking put together a true bacchanal of a ruck with a great cause behind it.

MWAH! Cochran out.

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