BB: 9/17/22 Nest @County; Big Bird & Cochran Co-Q

Abacus headlocked Bird and I to post at Posh five years ago this week, and thus commenced a bromance worthy of commemoration in the F3 Archives. Bird has become an F3 legend through his strength, speed, and impossibly upbeat attitude. And a lot of times I’m also at those workouts.

Yesterday was a beautiful morning and we enjoyed the company of a wonderful group. PAX:

Tammy Faye Bakker
Cochran (Co-Q)
Big Bird (Co-Q)

We traveled the County’s campus with coupons, stopping for PT. Each stop included five manmakers and 41 reps of

Box Jumps/Step Ups
Calf Raises

The 41 reps was Bird’s tribute of an early birthday recognition of my trips around the sun. Bird also sprinkled in some wall sits and wall stands, which he paired with the peerless vocals of Steve Perry’s romantic masterpiece, “Open Arms”.

We kept the PAX moving with some Elevens (Jump Squats & Merkins), Jack Webb, and an emotionally-charged Mary that moved Dauber in tears. Part of Dauber probably wondered how he could find two men to Co-Q a workout that would only draw three more PAX out to join them (it was almost like the weather was TOO nice). The rest of him likely recognized that it was for the best. It was too bad that my harpist canceled, but the matching t-shirts and champagne toast probably still got the point across about what a special day it was for everyone involved.

In slightly more seriousness, it’s awfully fun to look back on the friends, memories, and unbelievably ripped body(?) that I have thanks to F3. I can’t imagine getting up this early to work out with a bunch of duds. So thanks to everyone out that who continues to make F3 a fulfilling experience, and here’s to five more years!

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