9.17.22 PB – The Avenger at the Patriot!! “MAN IN THE ARENA EDITION”

Are you ready to Dare Greatly???

Are you ready to see how far you’ve come, or simply see where you’re at?

It’s You vs You this Saturday at the Avenger in downtown La Grange, KY. This unique F3 PT test has the brilliant ingenuity and planning of the Patriots finest facilitators! You will have 5 fitness components and 1 mental component! (That’s always a struggle for me). Bring a coupon, some running shoes, and get ready for something you likely have never experienced before at an F3 workout!!!

It’s not the Critic that counts. You are the one in the Arena! You are the one putting in the sweat, and time and beating that alarm clock at all it’s mental games! It’s time to get a pulse check on where you stand. It’s time for Man in the Arena!!!

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