BB for 11/16 Planetarium @ Boondocks; Cochran Q

What a morning! Fourteen braved sub-freezing temps to get better. It was cold and dark, but the company was great:

Single Source
Meter Maid
Bulletin (R)
Flex Seal
Le Pew
Yankovic (R)
Virginia Slims
Tammy Faye Baker
Cochran (Q)

Warm-up mosey to the concession stand area, where we commenced COP with SSH, Abe Vigodas, toy soldiers, downward dog stretches, and Michael Phelps.

Partner work for Dora:

Act 1:
Dips x 100
Monkey Humpers x 200
LBCs x 300

Act II:
Calf Raises x 100
Merkins x 200
Jump Squats x 300

Emphasis on squeezing the reps so you get that deep burn afterward. Also emphasis on Taylor Swift’s Red, because I do what I can to keep Dauber’s spirits high. We moseyed back, knocked out some Mary, and hit COT.

I love seeing the high turnout even as we move closer to winter. It really speaks volumes concerning how much you guys appreciate my playlists. Til next time! Cochran out.

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