29June2021 BackBlast Bayside The Max WOD with Focker.

So I am batting a terrible average with the whole pre blast/back blast thing lately. This morning I am making sure to write this back blast straight away. Sorry to everyone for completely miffing the preblast for this WOD.

11 HIMs stood tall and proud. Squid, BananaBread, Birdie, Firing Pin, Slugger, Mr. Mom, Mouse Trap, Charolais (R), Borland (R), Blue Screen (FNG), Focker (Q).

0530 Disclaimers were made as we beheld the array of coupons about us. Green tick 53, GoRuck Rucker 50, twin 50s, twin 35s, single 84, small but heavy tire, and F3 prescribed coupons.

We began with COP. 20 SSHs, DD with all the things including true cobras, then true scorpions. Then 10 Toy soldiers and were warmed up for the main thing.

Main thing… a simple Dora. We paired up in teams of 2 with the 3 2.0s a team of their own (great job young men).

300 curls with coupons. The push; a traveling team member 100 yard mosey with a lot of weight, do 5 burpees and return. After completion of the 300 do 200 weighted squats, then 100 Overhead Press. The Q conveniently interrupted sporadically to push the teams right to give everyone a chance to experience the various coupon weights.

0600 we halted Dora, did burpees for the six, and then moseyed with our coupons to the coupon dump area were a firehose waited for our arrival. We quickly lined up dressed our coupons in the same arrangement and threaded the coupon thru with the firehose, creating one unified coupon; the apparatus. On the command right shoulder we shouldered our apparatus and began a walk to the first phase line 100 meters out; a fire hydrant, once reached we moseyed to the next 100 yd phase line and on command left shoulder transferred the apparatus to left shoulder. So on an so forth we went until the Q found a really cool spot with heavy equipment parked and a dusty uneven course were we did a couple 50 yard sprints/moseys. We then returned to the weighted apparatus to resume our alternating mosey/walk/mosey back to the start point.

0615 Time was called and we rallied at the flag for COR (11 all present and accounted for) and NOR.

FNG named welcome Blue Screen of Death, Blue Screen for short. Great work taking down a whole insurance company’s email server.

Announcements were made. Capture the flag ruck July 16th check slack. Tough Mudder with Le Pew, Holy Roller and crew 31July check slack for an incredible charitable donation opportunity. 31July Focker, Samurai, Cliffhanger climbing MtMoran in WY check slack for an incredible charitable donation opportunity.

Intentions, so many in need of prayer men. Hodge, Aaron, others in need. The Lord knows the need and where they are at. We raised all those spoken and unspoken in prayer to the Sky Q.

So grateful and humbled to lead you amazing men. I really feel blessed to have you each as an influencer, accountability partner and friend.

Carpe Diem

Focker over out

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