Back Blast – Planetarium @ The Boondocks – 06/29/2021

The Bulletin Board came out after a long break and provided a Slow beatdown to 9 PAX. Iceman (R), Jitterbug (R), Cochran, Flex Seal, Boss Hog (R), AirRaid (R), Lady Bird (R), Le Pew, and Bulletin (R) Q.

We got moving right away after the disclaimer and moseyed with coupons down to the right field corner. The warm up was simple, 5 manmakers.

The Thang was explain up by the concession stand. With “Slow Down” as the theme, I explained the we would be doing slow 5 count reps with good form for each exercise on the Bulletin Board. Running around the ball field after each exercise while stopping at the foul poles to do 5 slow merkins.

Shoulder Press
Front Raise
Calf Raise

We got moving and I started the Slow playlist which included Bob Dylan, Foghat, Eric Clapton, and others. I wasn’t there but I heard Cochran knew the song Slow Motion by Juvenile. We worked right till the end and made it by to the Flag just in time.

COR/NOR/Announcements – Le Pew is having fireworks and hot dogs at the Roy Family Farm. Details on Slack. County 5K on 7/10 – details forthcoming. Ended with intentions and the Lord’s Prayer.

The message today stuck with the theme of slowing down. Inspired by my son who reminded us recently that texting/social media does not replace actual conversation. Slow down and spend time talking (not typing) with your loved ones.


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