Back Blast – Bulletin Q at Peggy Baker Park Black Ops – 11/5/2019

Wow…Attendance record at Peggy Baker Park was shattered this morning with 28 PAX in attendance.  I am truly humbled by the turn out, extra effort for so many to come so far, and all of the encouraging words this morning.   Most people at the County and a few others in F3 Louisville know thatContinue reading “Back Blast – Bulletin Q at Peggy Baker Park Black Ops – 11/5/2019”

Pre-Blast: BlackOps at Peggy Baker Park – Bulletin Q – 11/5/2019

Come see what the Bulletin Board has in store for you. I promise there will be plenty of merkins to go with a good amount of running. If I can figure out a way to work in some pull up we will do that too. No coupons, but plenty of hard work to go around.Continue reading “Pre-Blast: BlackOps at Peggy Baker Park – Bulletin Q – 11/5/2019”

BackBlast – Bulletin Q at The Foundry – 10/16/2019

It’s always fun putting a workout together for the heavy. There are usually some staples in a Bulletin workout: Pullups, Merkins, and the workout on the Bulletin Board. I did not disappoint. Arrived and unloaded the gear: the Bulletin Board, weights, and 2 buckets filled with dirt and rocks for a true farmers carry. PAX:Continue reading “BackBlast – Bulletin Q at The Foundry – 10/16/2019”

PreBlast – Bulletin Q at The Foundry – 10/16/2019

Please join me out at the County for a heavy You-vs-You workout. This will be a high volume/total body workout. We will make use of the coupons but if you have some dumb bells, bring them along to share. Bring gloves for the coupons and be ready to get wet while you do your pullupsContinue reading “PreBlast – Bulletin Q at The Foundry – 10/16/2019”

Back Blast – 9/10/2019 – BlackOps at Peggy Baker Park – Bulletin Q

PAX: Chief (R), Cochran, and Bulletin (R) (Q) I arrived a little early to check out the new path under construction at the park. They haven’t paved yet, so it isn’t quite ready for us to use it in a workout. Hopefully, that comes soon which can bring some interesting workouts in the future. IContinue reading “Back Blast – 9/10/2019 – BlackOps at Peggy Baker Park – Bulletin Q”

BackBlast – 9/4/2019 – Bulletin Q at the Foundry

PAX: Alexa, Crockpot, Pelican, and Bulletin (Q) Disclaimer said with agreement from the PAX. Let’s go get coupons and get started. The Bulletin Board came back for another appearance at the Foundry. Seven sets of exercises, alternate 12-15 reps each for 4 minutes, with a 1 minute break for moving to the next station. CurlsContinue reading “BackBlast – 9/4/2019 – Bulletin Q at the Foundry”

Back Blast – Black Ops at Peggy Baker Park – 8/13/2019 – Bulletin Q

This was our first try at Peggy Baker Park in southern Oldham County. I scouted the park a couple of weeks ago. Some lighting, good place to mosey with a 1/2 mile loop on all paved surface, and a basketball court. Eight PAX showed up to ready to roll at 5:30. PAX: Dauber, Giselle, LeContinue reading “Back Blast – Black Ops at Peggy Baker Park – 8/13/2019 – Bulletin Q”

PreBlast – Black Ops @ Peggy Baker Park in Oldham County – Tuesday – 8/13

EDIT – Moving to 8/13 because of Q-School Week – Bulletin We are going to try out a new place. Peggy Baker Park is where South Oldham Little League resides. The park isn’t huge but does provide some lights, playground and basketball court and we can make use of all of it. Meet-up here,-85.4335351,100m/data=!3m1!1e3Continue reading “PreBlast – Black Ops @ Peggy Baker Park in Oldham County – Tuesday – 8/13”

Backblast – Bulletin Q at the Foundry 7/3/2019

Great morning for heavy Bulletin Board work at the Foundry. Here is the short and sweet Back Blast. PAX: Alexa, Crockpot, Jolly Rancher, Dauber, Bulletin Q Disclaimer said and “Aye” by all. I explained the workout on the board. 9 Combo exercises to be performed for 5 sets each at 20 seconds of work andContinue reading “Backblast – Bulletin Q at the Foundry 7/3/2019”

7/2/2019 Bulletin Q – Postversary at the LOCO

Thanks for the great turn out for my Postversary Q. 24 PAX plus 5 from Abacus’ #RunOps event. Abacus’ crew stayed for COP before heading out on their run. The rest of us joined that group for Mary as we wrapped up the morning. PAX on hand: Mama’s Boy, Kimble, Lady Bird, Sand Trap, Wildflower,Continue reading “7/2/2019 Bulletin Q – Postversary at the LOCO”

6/25/2019 BackBlast – Bulletin Q – BlackOps at St. Pats

PAX (17): Frosted Tips, Airball, Meatball, Huggies, Nino, Husky, Catfish, Nice and Slow, Mr. Kotter, Snacks, Minnow, FNG (Brad Chaffee)Black Cat, Harbaugh, FNG Robin, FNG Batman (R), FNG (Jamie Abrittron)  Elton, Bulletin Q (R) I’ve been looking forward to this Q because I knew I was going to headlock a couple of guys I’ve beenContinue reading “6/25/2019 BackBlast – Bulletin Q – BlackOps at St. Pats”

PreBlast BlackOps at St. Pats with Bulletin Q – 6/25/2019

I was originally scheduled to Q at St. Patrick’s on Thursday but Airplane needed to switch, so he would have time returning from vacation. Having just returned from vacation myself, the theme for the day will be rest, but you are going to have to earn it first. I’ve posted here about a month agoContinue reading “PreBlast BlackOps at St. Pats with Bulletin Q – 6/25/2019”

6-11-2019 Backblast Bulletin Q at The Loco

I don’t get too wordy with my backblast and this one will be no different.  PAX (26) – The G.O.A.T. (2.0), Gilligan, Lady Bird, Le Pew, Jitterbug (R), Solo, Grizzly, Short Circuit, Iceman (R), Cochran, Valdez, Amelia, Little Jerry (R), Cowboy, Gizelle, Fungi, Gremlin, Double Down (R), Goooooal, Jolly Ranch, Cold Call, Crock Pot, DutchContinue reading “6-11-2019 Backblast Bulletin Q at The Loco”

BackBlast 5/15/2019 – Heavy BlackOps at #theCounty – Bulletin Q

Broke out the Bulletin board again for a Negative rep workout. PAX : Uncle Rico, Fructose, Crock Pot, Kimble, Wildflower, Gizelle, Bulletin (R) Q Disclaimer spoken and a lap around the school then grabbed some coupons. We did a quick COP with Kendra Newmans and Slow Grass Grabbers. I brought everyone into my monthly selfContinue reading “BackBlast 5/15/2019 – Heavy BlackOps at #theCounty – Bulletin Q”

Back Blast – Bulletin Q at #theAgony 5/2/2019

PAX (11) – Jerry Maguire (R), Pew Pew, Scratch-N-Dent, Crock Pot, Amelia, Jolly Rancher, Mama’s Boy, Gilligan, Meter Maid, Red Wagon, Bulletin QIC (R). Disclaimer said we moseyed to the parking lot in front of school for COP.   Side-Straddle Hop IC, Abe Vigodos IC, Kindra Newmans, Slow Grass grabbers, and Downward dog.  Crock Pot hadContinue reading “Back Blast – Bulletin Q at #theAgony 5/2/2019”

BackBlast for BO Heavy @theCounty – 4/10/2019 – Bulletin Q

PAX: Crock Pot, Big Bird, Wildflower, Le Pew, Bulletin (R) Q. What a fantastic morning to be out in the gloom. This workout keep me busy last week at my gym, so I modified a few thing but the general purpose was the same. Work through the list on the left (Chest Press, Squats, Curls,Continue reading “BackBlast for BO Heavy @theCounty – 4/10/2019 – Bulletin Q”

3/20/2019 – BackBlast – Heavy #BlackOps at #TheCounty

Quick run down of the Bulletin Board list this week. 2 PAX in attendance: Crock Pot and Bulletin Q. Disclaimer given then warmed up with a mosey around the school and picked up coupons to help with the workout. Very simple workout – Try to complete the list on the Bulletin Board. We worked togetherContinue reading “3/20/2019 – BackBlast – Heavy #BlackOps at #TheCounty”

1/30/2019 – BackBlast – Heavy #BlackOps at #TheCounty

I knew the cold was coming but I was a bit surprised by the amount of snow that was on the ground. I just added another layer and headed out to The County. PAX Big Bird, Amelia, Alexa, Bulletin (R) Q Disclaimer said, grab the coupons and a short mosey around the school for aContinue reading “1/30/2019 – BackBlast – Heavy #BlackOps at #TheCounty”

Bulletin #BackBlast Heavy #BlackOps at #TheCounty

Planted the Flag, unloaded the weights from the car, and then retrieved some coupons.  We set up under the awning behind the school.   Perfect setting for heavy day in the rain. PAX Big Bird, Valdez, Jolly Rancher, Bulletin (R) Q Disclaimer said and short mosey around the school for a warm up.  COP Grass grabbers,Continue reading “Bulletin #BackBlast Heavy #BlackOps at #TheCounty”

Backblast – 1/1/2019 The LOCO @ the County – Bulletin VQ

Showed up early to set out the cue cards for the Thang and was glad to see I wouldn’t be alone on the first day of 2019. PAX (14) – Mama’s Boy, SweetTART, Meter Maid, Valdez, Porkchop, Alexa, Cochran, Jolly Rancher, Viking, Le Pew, Storm Tropper, Airplane, PK, Bulletin (R) Q Thanked everyone for showingContinue reading “Backblast – 1/1/2019 The LOCO @ the County – Bulletin VQ”