Back Blast – Bulletin Q at The Agony – 4/21/2022

The site Q, DeVitto, told me that it always rains on Thursdays at the county. His weather prediction came true after the first five minutes of the work out. I wasn’t planning on modifying to deal with the rain, so we just got wet.

PAX: DeVitto, Dot, Giselle, Dauber, Pelican, Meter Maid, Jitterbug, and Bulletin Q.

Began with the disclaimer and a slightly un-organized COP where I apparently forgot what the names of a few exercises. Pelican was nice of enough to point out my mistake. I really didn’t care because I knew more mistakes were coming.

The main thang was a running tour of the County around the main Church and school. 10 exercises scattered along the path: Dips, Squats, Rows on the hand rails in front of the school, calf raises, 3xhill repeats by the old coupon storage location, big boys, pullups, step-ups, merkins, and carolina dry docks.

COR, NOR, Announcements: Country Fair is June 4th, 5 year Convergence is this Saturday at the O. Intentions and Our Father.


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