Back Blast – Bulletin Q at The Boondocks – 9.21.2021

Big day for you versus you at the Boondocks. A nice size crowd showed up. Honey Do and Backflop did some EC running before hand.

PAX in attendance

Asian Zing (R)
Honey Do
Single Source
Holy Roller (R)
Virginia Slim
Bulletin (R) Q 

We started with an “Inferno Start” to warm up 5 Burpees, 10 Merkins, 15 squats rinse and repeat for the first 5 minutes. We then took a walk done to the baseball fields for the main thang. The main thang was a loop around both big baseball fields with 5 body weight exercises scattered along the way. Squats, Carolina Dry docks, Step ups, dips, and merkins. The task was to do 10 reps at each station and you determine the intensity of the workout back choosing how fast to run between stations. Called time at 6:07 and walked back to the cars to finish up with some mary. Everyone pushed hard just like I knew they would. I like giving people a chance to determine how hard they go, never fails to amaze me how far people can push themselves.

Time was called and we circled around the Flags (Ghost Flag included). COR, NOR, Intentions and Our Father.

Watch out for my next Q at the Foundry on 10/6. Another chance to push your self in a heavy workout. – Bulletin

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