Back Blast – Ghost Q at the Boondocks – 10/27/2020

I put my name on the calendar a couple of months ago for a Birthday Q not realizing is was Ghost Q week.  The Site Qs decided to let me run with it anyway even though I post at the Boondocks every week.  I entered wearing a mask and cape while playing creepy music.  I’m fairly sure most of the PAX knew it was me quickly so the mask came off.



Launch Pad (R)



Holy Roller (R)


Le Pew

Bulletin (R) QIC

I’ve had this Q in mind for a while and we haven’t done a lot of running around the baseball field so I definitely wanted to include multiple trips around the field and have a full body work out to boot.   I was working on the playlist that started out being favorite songs from each decade of my life, then it turned into spooky/creepy themed Rock songs.  We didn’t spend much time by the speaker but the music was awesome! I dug deep for Boris the Spider by The Who, Pet Sematary by the Ramones, and one of my favorites, The Creeper by Molly Hatchet.

The 56 (my new age) Thang – 4 stations around the baseball field.  Do 14 reps at each station for a total of 56.  Work your way down the board, when you get to the bottom start over or make up your own to avoid Burpees again (Abacus and Focker).




Carolina Dry Docks



Side Straddle Hops

Mountain Climbers


We moseyed back to the flag and time was called.


Announcements – CSUP at the Nest on 11/28

Intentions – Lifted up several folks battling COVID or other ailments. Continued prayers for those struggling with Home schooling.  I had a prayer of thanksgiving for my time on this planet and blessings the Sky Q has granted me, one of which is F3.  Ended with an Our Father.


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