Back Blast – Ghost Q – The Silo @ North Posh – 10/26/2020

It was a gloomy morning at North Posh on Monday. But, I think in the end it is a perfect time of the year to get out and get better with this group. It’s not too hot and not too cold.

Like many of you, I have a hard time posting on Monday. Sunday Night Football doesn’t help, but it’s also just traditionally hard to get mentally prepared to wake up that early on the first day of the week. It’s like I need to ease into things first by just surviving work first; then I’ll post.

That said, I was glad I did and I’m glad that these fine HIM joined me.


  • Viking
  • Iceman (R)
  • Jitterbug (R)
  • Captain Crunchberry
  • Tidwell
  • Jolly Rancher (QIC)

Pretty sure the PAX had an idea who had the Q when we gathered up together, but I still kept it a secret until 0530am when I announced that I would be the Ghost Q. Even Captain Crunchberry (my brother) didn’t know. See, I can keep a secret, too!

We went straight to work after the standard disclaimer. Sadly, I can’t even remember what we did for COP. But, it was epic – just ask the HIM above. I do remember we did 10x SSH in cadence first and then some other stretching exercise and then another 10x SSH in cadence. And basically kept doing that – mixing in the SSH every time. Not only was it epic, but it made for great stretching and warm-up for the one and only thang.

The Thang:

I ran this at some point over the summer and it worked pretty well. It was the first post for Brown Tail and it almost made him spill merlot – so, I figured if he decided to post he could see his improvements. But, Brown Tail was MIA – so there’s always next time.

Near the flag, we circled for some of the exercise work, which included:

  • 20 second overhead coupon hold
  • 20x overhead presses
  • 20x skull crushers
  • 20x curls
  • 20x squats
  • 20x bench presses
  • 10x weighted big-boy sit-ups

After that set, we set off on a mosey down to the pavilion. No headlamps. It was scary. Good thing this was a Ghost Q. When we arrived at the pavilion, we did a merkin waterfall starting at 10 and down to 1. When done with that, we went back to the startex.

At the startex, we completed the same exercise set above. And then, off on another mosey down the Louisville Loop towards the switchback. Upon arriving, I peered over the lookout onto the grassy field where the carnage of GROWRUCK 21 took place. Pretty sure there is still sweat drying up in that field from the pain that was delivered on many PAX there. Here, we did a lunge waterfall starting at 10 and down to 1. When done with that, we went back to the startex.

At the startex, we completed the same exercise set above. And then, offf on another mosey down the main drag towards Shelbyville Road and back [too dangergous to workout down at the bottom]. I told the PAX that I saved the best hill for last. And, it was nearing my time to wrap-up…so, I think the PAX at The Garden call this a Finisher…? Whatever it was, the hill sucked just as expected.

We then gathered back up towards the flag where we did a few more merkins and a few gas pumps to round out the full body beatdown. Time was then called.


Countarama, namearama, announcements and intentions. As part of the announcements, I introduced to the PAX a new gift that I’m bestowing on F3 Louisville. I also introduced it to the PAX today at The Garden. Interested to know what it is? Meet me at The Abyss on Wednesday.

Everyone needs to get out and move around to other AOs. Ghost Q week is a perfect way to do that because you already have no idea who the Q is to begin with. So, get out and move, men!

Keep accelerating!

Jolly Rancher out.

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