Back Blast – The Foundry @ The County – Bulletin Q – 09/30/2020

Glad to be back out Qing again after a 4 months break.  I think this was my tenth Q at the Foundry, with many of them being during the time it was black ops.   I can definitively say that this is the first time I Q’d the Foundry without pull-ups in the exercise list.

Arrived early and waited for Pelican to show up since he “HC Squared” last night.  Eight other showed up and then Dauber let me know that Pelican sent a message that he was up all night and couldn’t make it.  Very disappointing since I had Snoopy songs ready for him on my playlist.  


Holy Roller (R)




Launch Pad (R)

Hush Puppy

Mama’s Boy

Meter Maid

Bulletin (R) (QIC)

Started the warm up with some different exercises/stretches.   Some of these I use to work on mobility (range of motion) for shoulders, hips, and ankles.  

SSH – only 10 because Pelican didn’t want too many.

Michael Phelps

Shoulder Dislocates


Active Pigeon Stretch

Thread the Needle


Hip Bridges

Combat Stretch

Good Mornings

Moved to the curb for the rest of the workout.  Exercises to be performed slowly and with perfect form.  Shooting for 8-12 reps making sure that you squeeze at the top of each movement.

Overhead Press

Front Squat

Bent Over Row


Suitcase carry across the parking lot

Most of us made it through twice before moving to the next set.



Calf raise

Skull Crusher

Rifle Carry to the center of the parking lot.

Ended right on time, no core workout since I have to modify everything to LBCs anyway.

COR, NOR, announcements, intentions and Our Father to wrap things up.

As always, an honor to lead and great to be back Qing again.  


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