Back Blast – Foundry @ The County – 10.06.2021 – Bulletin Q

It had been a long time since I participated in a heavy workout. So I figured it was time to get back with a Q. There was a nice turn out for a bit of a different workout.

Single Source
Asian Zing
Brown Water
Meter Maid
Bulletin (Q)

Metermaid came early with his potted plants and we ran over to the flag to retrieve the rest of the PAX.

Warm up: Michael Phelps, Ab Vigodas, Grass grabbers, 90-90 stretch, combat stretch, shoulder dislocates, cat-cow, hip bridges, tippy toe squats.

Main Thang: 3 sets of 10 for each exercise below. Difference maker : SQUEEZE every muscle in your body during each set. Then one minute of rest.

Overhead press
Up Right Row
Bent over Rows
Hammer Curls

Back to the flag for COR/NOR
Announcements : October 16 – Dare to Care, Fall Festival @ LePews, October 23 – Convergence at Vets
Closed out with intentions and Our Father

Thanks – Bulletin

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