BB – 12-30-20 – Uncle Rico – Bridge at Poshlands

Bodies by Rico never lets anyone down and in this case what sounded like a great idea ended up being exactly that. How can you go wrong with murder bunnies, WMD (modified), thrusters and copperhead squats?

Pax – Jitterbug (R), DryRub, Jimmy Neutron, Edward Scissorhands, Double Down (R), Schlitz, Little Jerry (R), Jewel, Stick Up, Gypsy, Maxi, Buzzsaw, Mr Roper, Tenderfoot, Natty Light, Diane Dukes, SweetTart, Dynomite, Short Change, Deep Dish, Uncle Rico (QIC)

Disclaimer was given then headed for a quick mosey with some high knees, Butt kicks, Carioca, and circled up at flag for some SSH, grassgrabbers, R over L, L over R, RR, LL, and 3 count Merkins.

THE THANG – Rico’s 500 – .25 Mile track by flag

Starting Line – 10 Manmakers then Murder Bunnies to turn 1. 20 Modified WMD’s (20 Wide, 20 normal, 20 diamond). Mosey with coupon 60 yards. 30 Thrusters then lunge walk with coupon 60 yards to turn 2. 40 copperhead squats with coupon then rifle carry coupon back to starting and rinse and repeat.

Pax completed 2 laps then got the six for an Indian run before returning to the flag for some Mary in the circle of Ab.

Intentions we made along with announcements. Thanks again to Dynomite for the invite and for all the Pax who made it out.


Oh and the most important thing is the Garden got the ghost flag.

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