BB-12/30/20 Meatball @ The Tank

To say 2020 wasn’t a great year, is a MAJOR understatement and I was feeling pretty beat up about it all. I’ve lost multiple jobs this year after being at the same one for 20 years, March Madness was canceled and freakin’ Eddie Van Halen died. F3 has helped me grind through the hard stuff and come out better on the other side and that was the theme of this workout. We all have those exercises we hate and complain about but doing them makes you stronger.

PAX-(9) Nanmore, Vincent(R), Tony Malito, Violet, Worm, Bunghole, Cousin Eddie, Sump Pump, Meatball (Q)

Start-Disclaimer, warm ups and general ball busting

Thang 1- One of the many cool things about The Vet, is the Christmas decorations around the entire park. Since all the PAX at The Vet have the mentality of a 13 year old boy, we have takin’ a liking to a certain overly exuberant Santa “playing” guitar, REAL fast and repeatedly. We carried our coupons, stopped and said our good byes with 20, 3 count Pickle Pounders.

Thang 2-The PAX were extremely impressed with my elaborate set up of 1 cone and could barely wait to see what I had in store.

I HATE burpees and the PAX at The Vet hate them so much, we wrote in the Vet By-laws, NO BURPEES (Sect.13 lines7-8), but this was stuff I hate day.

5 Burpees–Sprint to middle to my amazing cone–5 Burpees and Sprint to the end of the parking lot and 5 more burpees…REPEAT back to starting point.

I asked for a 10 count from Sump and was immediately shamed, even though a 10 count is actually an exercise at The Mutt.

Thang 3-Offset merkins (5), Coupon Run(carrying coupons while running are the worst for me) to Middle 5 more Offset Merkins and same at the end of the lot. “Rest” was 1 minute weighted chair squats. Repeat on the way back.

Thang 4-Bear crawl to mid-way point and Bernie Sanders to the end. Repeat on the way back.

Thang 5- 3 Man-makers at start and coupon carry to the middle island and more Man-makers, same to the end of the parking lot and back.

***Sidenote: Worm began his personal “struggle” at this point and we all wondered if he would have to travel to his old spot in the woods or make it to his home field***

Thang 6-Lunge Walks to mid point and sprints to the end. Repeat on way back

Thang 7- 25 squats, Duck walk to mid-point and sprint to the end. Repeat on way back.

*The amount of elderly abuse directed at me from Malito about my inability to get low on my duckwalk was criminal.

Thang 8- Coupon Run back to “Happy” Santa for some J-Lo’s

MARY-At this point, your boy Meatball must have looked pretty rough, as Malito issued a ‘Golden’ alert for my safe return back to the Monument. We all took turns calling out ab exercises, including one that Sump Pump claimed they did at The Mutt.

COT- Worm, didn’t make it to this and had to leave in a hurry. He couldn’t wait any longer to drop the kids off at the pool….Announcements for Dare to Care, January event and the F3 blood drive at the 5 star Ramada Inn and Spa in J-Town. Go give blood and rent a room for you and the M for 3 hours.


Had fun doing stuff I hate and that is what makes F3 awesome!


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