BB 4/17/21 Meatball Q @ The O

PAX-Violet, Nan More, Aerobie (R), Vincent (R), Handbook, Backdraft, Alfalfa, Diablo, Stick Up, Harry Carary, Tammy Faye Baker, Handbook, Meatball (Q) Shamefully, this was my first Q outside the 40299 and I was a little nervous about it but my years of dealing with the Vet PAX had hardened my soul. Thang 1- We didContinue reading “BB 4/17/21 Meatball Q @ The O”

PB-10/7/20 Meatball Q school @ The Vet.

You know those weird kids at your school that sniffed glue and lived in detention? Well, several of them are regular PAX at The Vet. I will be leading the in-school suspension version of Q school at The Tank. We will be running and we will be lifting so bring gloves and something heavy, aContinue reading “PB-10/7/20 Meatball Q school @ The Vet.”

12/2/19 BB The BIG MO Heavy@The Tank-Meatball/Geppetto Co-Q

PAX (6)- Worm, Snow Day, Tureen, Backdraft, Geppetto (Q) and Meatball (Q) Weather- A balmy 29* and a lovely rain, snow, sleet mix.  In other words, a great day to lift heavy stuff outside. After arriving at 4:45 to set things up I went to grab some coupons for the Big Mo beat down butContinue reading “12/2/19 BB The BIG MO Heavy@The Tank-Meatball/Geppetto Co-Q”

8/12 BB-The BIG MO Heavy @ The Tank-Meatball Q

What an awesome day to get SWOLE!  This was my VQ Heavy post and I was very nervous about it.  Not really knowing how many PAX would be coming I overestimated the normal and prepared for 16…..and 24 showed up!  With a couple of adjustments and help from Heavy Q experts, Worm, Hot Wheels andContinue reading “8/12 BB-The BIG MO Heavy @ The Tank-Meatball Q”

7/17/19 BB @ The Tank-Coupons and Back Farts-Meatball Q

Sorry for the boring photo of Coupons but it was a much better choice than ‘Back Fart” photo search… PAX-(10) Geppetto, Drysdale, PK, Johnny On The Pot, Atlas, Tony Malito, Short Hose, Greenwich, Vincent (R), (Q) Meatball Conditions-75 and 4000% humidity, I guess that’s why it poured. Warmup- SSH, Imperial Walkers, Downward Dog Stretches andContinue reading “7/17/19 BB @ The Tank-Coupons and Back Farts-Meatball Q”

4/17 Backblast @ The Tank – Meatball Q

PAX- (10) Vincent(R), Drysdale, Geppetto, Worm, Hot Wheels, Weed Wacker, Johnny On the Pot, Carlose’, PK and Meatball(Q). Conditions-60 degrees, Dew Point 37* Because of my own issues, I hadn’t Q’d a workout since November and I wanted to try something a little different.  The workout required a little setup, so I arrived at 5Continue reading “4/17 Backblast @ The Tank – Meatball Q”

Backblast- The Chopper@The Tank-11/2/18

AHHHHH….my VQ,  the PAX were sooo excited. Every time I told them about it I got the same encouraging response of ‘You haven’t Q’ed yet?  You’ve been here forever!”  I truly felt the love. I was extremely nervous about my first Q and if I put as much time and effort into my job, IContinue reading “Backblast- The Chopper@The Tank-11/2/18”