8/12 BB-The BIG MO Heavy @ The Tank-Meatball Q

45768E51-5DDB-4D6C-A2BD-DE2D69CD6ECDWhat an awesome day to get SWOLE!  This was my VQ Heavy post and I was very nervous about it.  Not really knowing how many PAX would be coming I overestimated the normal and prepared for 16…..and 24 showed up!  With a couple of adjustments and help from Heavy Q experts, Worm, Hot Wheels and Snow Day we were ready to roll!

Weather- See above photo

PAX-(24) Buzzard, Methane, Bologna, Zipline, Hot Wheels, Backdraft, Tony Malito, RiRi, Greenwich, Grizzly, Snow Day, Old Bay, Geppetto, Sand Trap, Cutlass, PK, Airplane, Worm, Bob Ross, Plumb Bob, Rhythm, Abacus, Carlose and Meatball (Q)

What we did:



20  IC SSH

Downward Dogs

20  IC Copperhead Squats

Cranked some mediocre lifting tunes

Some quick ‘splaining of the stations and off to work

I had 8 stations set up with two exercises at each.  Each group worked for 4 minutes at each station

Station 1- 21’s (3 position bicep curls with 7 reps each)


Station 2- Battle Rope with regular grip (30 secs , all you got)

Battle Rope with Bicep grip (30 secs.)

Station 3- Partner Tire flips (10 total)

Partner Tire Pushes (10 total)

Station 4- 60 lb Sandbag carry walking in opposite directions around the circle.  When you meet your partner 20 squats into calf raises

5917305F-7CDD-49E8-8087-C29EF55FDBC4Station 5 – Steering Wheels (25 or 35 lbs)

Side Shoulder Raises (20)

Station 6- Arnold Presses (20)

Kettle Bell Swings (20)

Station 7- Offset Merkins (weighted, 10 each arm)

Back Rows with Bands (20)


Station 8- Weighted American Hammers (20)

3 position calf raises ( regular, pigeon toe and clown toes)

WOOF!  After all that there was still three minutes for Mary

Freddie Mercury”s

Catalina Wine Makers

Weezy Jeffersons

COT, Intentions and the Our Father

Thanks again for all of the PAX that came out, I really was overwhelmed and had a ton of fun leading the group.  The Heavy Q was definitely something that wasn’t in my comfort zone but after some pushing from Worm, I signed up.  If I can Q a heavy, anyone can, so reach out to Worm and get on the books!

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