12/2/19 BB The BIG MO Heavy@The Tank-Meatball/Geppetto Co-Q


PAX (6)- Worm, Snow Day, Tureen, Backdraft, Geppetto (Q) and Meatball (Q)

Weather- A balmy 29* and a lovely rain, snow, sleet mix.  In other words, a great day to lift heavy stuff outside.

After arriving at 4:45 to set things up I went to grab some coupons for the Big Mo beat down but sadly, EVERY SINGLE coupon was gone.  Even the little baby ones were gone.  So sad, but an audible was called and with some help from the PAX we managed to still get SWOLE.


Geppetto led

-Short Mosey


-Grass Grabbers

-Abe Vigodas


Sticking with the Co-Q theme, we partnered up and went to work

8 stations, 4 minutes at each station

Upper and Lower Body Exercise at each station

Station 1- partner 1 (21s curls weight Bar needed)

Partner 2 (21s calf raises-35 or 45 pound plate)

Station 2 Partner 1

    Partner 2 Tire Flips-10

    Tire squats with partner 10

Station 3

Partner 1 Offset Merkins-10 each side (with Kettle Bell)

Partner 2 Goblet squats 20 (kettle bell)

Station 4

Partner 1 Steering Wheels 20 (25 plate)

Partner 2 Step UPS with Ruck 20

Station 5

Partner 1 Battle Ropes Regular grip All ya got 1 minute

Partner 2 Rest or LBC

Switch partners

Second time through Bicep grip all ya got one minute

Partner 2 rest or LBC

Station 6

Partner 1 and 2 Tire pull together for 4 minute cycle

Station 7

Partner 1 Kettle Bell Swings 20 (Kettle Bell)

Partner 2 Goblet Lunges 20 (Kettle Bell)

Station 8

Partner 1 20 Dips (WEIGHTED 25 pound plate)

Partner 2 American Hammers 20 (25 dumbbell)


Intentions and remembering our blessings

It was fun co-Qing and thanks for everyone’s help bringing all the Heavy Toys. It was great having 3 Mutt guys there, especially Tureen even though he thought he needed his passport to travel all the way to J-Town.


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