4/17 Backblast @ The Tank – Meatball Q


PAX- (10) Vincent(R), Drysdale, Geppetto, Worm, Hot Wheels, Weed Wacker, Johnny On the Pot, Carlose’, PK and Meatball(Q).

Conditions-60 degrees, Dew Point 37*

Because of my own issues, I hadn’t Q’d a workout since November and I wanted to try something a little different.  The workout required a little setup, so I arrived at 5 am to begin the process.  The Vet is a scary and dark place in the wee hours of the morning and I’m quite sure the Goat Man was making noises at me from the bushes.  After setting up stations and marking them with Glow Sticks, the Pax were ready for rave or a workout, whichever came first.

COP- Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog, SSH, Abe Vagotes

Mosey to the old school Jeffersonian parking lot and picked partners with those in similar shape and conditioning.  As a husky fellow with questionable lung capacity, I was the Belle of the Ball.  Ahhh but there can be only one and Weed Wacker was the choice.

I set up 7 stations around a 1/2  mile loop and we started with a jog to locate the stations.

Then we began, PAX staying with their chosen partner throughout the workout.

Each station had two exercises to complete and they were different each trip around the loop.

Station 1- 30 Jump Lunges  2nd Time-25 Plank Jacks

Station 2- 20 Merkins  2nd Time-10 Diamond Merkins

Station 3- 5 Bear Crawls to top of hill and Crawl Bears down.    2nd Time-Sprint to the top, 20 pulse squats at the bottom (repeat 5 times)

Station 4- 10 Burpees both times.  I was informed by Worm this was in direct violation of the Vet’s bylaws.

Station 5- 5 sets of Box Jumps.    2nd Time 20 step ups

Station 6- 20 Dips.     2nd Time- 10 Decline Merkins

Station 7- 21’s.        2nd Time-3 position Calf raises

Mosey back to the fancy new Vet for 8 minutes of Duck, Duck Mary

Finished with Intentions for some of our fellow Vet Pax and their family and reflections on Holy Week.

Weed Wacker also brought up a great point, to start saying how we are blessed and what we are thankful for, not just what we need or want.

Meatball Out!

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