Backblast- The Chopper@The Tank-11/2/18

patt a cakeAHHHHH….my VQ,  the PAX were sooo excited. Every time I told them about it I got the same encouraging response of ‘You haven’t Q’ed yet?  You’ve been here forever!”  I truly felt the love.

I was extremely nervous about my first Q and if I put as much time and effort into my job, I would probably have been CEO by now.  After finalizing my workout it was time for bed but not before some much needed encouragement from Geppetto and Backdraft.  I really needed those 14 texts at midnight asking me if I was really sure about “doing that Weinke?”


Pax-PK, Roundup(R), Carlose’, Flounder, Kilo, Malito, Weed Wacker, Drysdale, Alexa, Geppetto, Snow Day, Mama’s Boy, Big Bird, Duggin (DR-Lexington), Tonka(FNG), Beano(DR-North Carolina), Hot Wheels, Aerobie(R)

COP- Abe Vigoda, SSH, Downward Dog Calf Stretch, Standing Toe Touches (We named Rockettes).

Thang 1-Split into two groups and began running six laps in opposite directions.

Each time you met an oncoming PAX, do 8 Pat-a-cake Merkins (Merkins facing each other with a hand slap on each one).

Total of one mile and 96 Merkins.  That was hard.

Thang 2- All PAX grab coupons and circle up


-25 Pulse Squats (We named Meat Hangers after my patented move over the toilets at the  O.  Name credit:Backdraft).

-10 Halos

-3 position calf raises, straight toe, pigeon toed, toes out

-20 Rows

Repeat 3 Times

Thang 3- Kilo wanted us to mosey over to a new section of the park and after dodging 2X4s, potholes and general construction danger, we made it.

10 minutes of Duck, Duck Abs with a twist…PAX called out AB exercise and I called out what they would do around the circle….Bear crawls, Bernie Sanders, Lunge Walks etc.


Welcome to our two visiting PAX and welcome Tonka!  Flounder is a head locking machine, two in a week!

Two things made me happy this morning after my VQ.  The PAX genuinely seemed to like the workout and Geppetto said The Tank AO was the gassiest he has traveled too. So there’s that.







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