The Silo @ North Posh Back Blast 12/9/19

Weather – wet and windy 52 degrees PAX 7 – Huggies (Q),  Barkley (FNG), Nino, Viking, Catfish, Dunphy, Jitterbug (R) I went shopping at Lowes and purchased some lights in hopes to rival Nino.  This was a last minute push to steal Q of the year for 2019…we’ll see. COP SSH IC, Imperial Walkers IC,Continue reading “The Silo @ North Posh Back Blast 12/9/19”

BO @ Long Run Park Back Blast 12/6/2019

Weather – Wet!!! PAX 3 – Huggies (Q), Mr. Hat, Uncle Sam (R) COP – SSH IC, Imperial Walkers IC Thang 1 EMOM Burpee Sprints – 5 minutes 5 burpees followed by a 40 yard spring every minute on the minute for 5 minutes Thang 2 The Circuit 4 stations  with various modes of transportationContinue reading “BO @ Long Run Park Back Blast 12/6/2019”

The Cliffs @ The Garden Back Blast

Weather – 70 degrees. Clear PAX 12 – Huggies (Q), Domino, Nice n Slow, Black Cat, Airball, Frosted Tips, Kilo, PK, Goose, Latex, Husky, and Milton I was a last minute addition to the schedule.  I had to scramble in order to find something to do, but some of my better workouts have come togetherContinue reading “The Cliffs @ The Garden Back Blast”

Cloverfield @ The Garden Back Blast 9/12/19

Weather – warm and humid PAX – Huggies (Q), Fructose, Uncle Rico, Nino, Goose, Nice n Slow, Airball, Sarbanes, Husky, Gypsy I was coming off a whirlwind of activities the past few days.  Poor planning on my part.  The night before was cross country practice for my son followed by a 9/11 ruck (which wasContinue reading “Cloverfield @ The Garden Back Blast 9/12/19”

Cloverfield @ The Garden Back Blast 8/29/19

Weather – perfect! PAX 11 – Huggies (Q), Nice n Slow, Domino, Uncle Rico, Catfish, Holler, Husky, Frosted Tips, Jewel, Sweet Tart, Fructose I was a substitute Q this time for Harbaugh.  I hope he can make it back out soon. Disclaimer COP SSH 25 IC Imperial Walkers 25 IC Abe Vigodas 25 IC KendraContinue reading “Cloverfield @ The Garden Back Blast 8/29/19”

BO @ Long Run Park Back Blast 8/2/2019

Weather 70 degrees.  Clear Pax (6) – Huggies (QIC), Mr. Hat, Latex, Frosted Tips, Harbaugh, Meter Maid Long Run Park could be the newest addition to our growing list of AOs.  Its pretty dark in the gloom at 5:15 but I think that there will be more lights available as we go forward.  Otherwise, IContinue reading “BO @ Long Run Park Back Blast 8/2/2019”

The Garden BO @ St. Pats 7/16/19 Back Blast

FUN WITH COUPONS Weather – Humid. 70 degrees. Cloudy PAX 15 – Huggies (QIC), Lady Bird (R), Latex, Husky, Airball, Harbaugh, Domino, Minnow, Nino, Gypsy, Fructose, Uncle Rico, Nice n Slow, Dunphy, Milton We had a really hard workout at North Posh yesterday, thanks to Nino, so why not make it two in a row?Continue reading “The Garden BO @ St. Pats 7/16/19 Back Blast”

Back Blast The Garden 7/4/19 Nino and Huggies CoQ

  Weather 68 degrees 95% humidity. Clear PAX 18 – Nino (QIC), Huggies (QIC), Nice n Slow, Catfish, Black Cat, Vespa(FNG), Schute(FNG), Abacus, Fiona, Gyspsy, Airball, Domino, Jitterbug(R), Woo, Deep Dish, Maxi, Meatball, Frosted Tips. Nino and I have been talking bout this one for a while.  As you read in our pre blast, ourContinue reading “Back Blast The Garden 7/4/19 Nino and Huggies CoQ”

Huggies Q the Big Kapowski @ Bayside 6/27/19 Back Blast

Weather 68 degrees. Clear and perfect PAX (10) – Huggies (Q), Shuttlecock(R), Birdie, Glaucoma, Charolais(R), Thumbtack, Sadie, Schotzie, Deep Dish, Woo Disclaimer Mosey to COP 30 SSH IC 20 Abe Vigodas 20 Imperial Walkers Kendra Newmans Downward dog calf/hip stretches Flutter Kicks Thang 1 Frisbee throw – Each PAX tossed the frisbee.  We sprinted towardContinue reading “Huggies Q the Big Kapowski @ Bayside 6/27/19 Back Blast”

Black Ops – The Bell Tower @ Carillon Beach Florida Back Blast 6/11/19 “The Sugar Cookie”

Weather 79 degrees – partly cloudy PAX (5) – Huggies (Q), Nice n Slow, Nino, Gypsy, Bear (2.0) We were fortunate to spend our summer vacation with three other families and dads who all do F3. We rented a house in beautiful Carillon Beach Florida.  Within the beach community there’s a roundabout with a bellContinue reading “Black Ops – The Bell Tower @ Carillon Beach Florida Back Blast 6/11/19 “The Sugar Cookie””

Huggies Bday Q @ The Garden 5/23/19

Weather 70 degrees 76% humidity. Cloudy 11 PAX – Huggies (Q), Nice n Slow, Nino, Tool Time, Methane, Husky (FNG), Bob Ross, Latex, Snacks, Dunphy, Frosted Tips Disclaimer Mosey to COP 10 BOYOs Kendra Newmans 10 BOYOs Downward Dog Stretch 10 BOYOs 20 SSH IC 9 BOYOs (For a total of 39  – one forContinue reading “Huggies Bday Q @ The Garden 5/23/19”

The Fog @ North Posh 5/11/19 Back Blast

Weather – sunny and perfect 55 degrees 81% humidity Pax 9 – Huggies (Q), Gypsy, Iceman (R), Lady Bird (R), Wapner, Mr. Kotter, Drysdale, PK, Nino I love the north posh.  I was stoked to get to Q here on a Saturday with some daylight, as there was a 5K race going on at ourContinue reading “The Fog @ North Posh 5/11/19 Back Blast”