The cliffs at the garden Q school back blast Huggies Q 8/23/2022

Disclaimer followed by initial count COP – 20 SSH IC, 20 Imperial Walkers IC, 10 Abe Vigodas IC, 10 grass grabbers IC, downward dog stretches. Review 5 core principles Mosey to Bristol – 2 laps each – butt kicks down Mario back. Bear crawl down Bernie sanders back. Grab a coupon Sevens – manmakers baseContinue reading “The cliffs at the garden Q school back blast Huggies Q 8/23/2022”

The cliffs at the garden backblast

Q-Marshall DR pax F3 Louisville A Pack of 20s Warm UpStretchesSide Straddle hopsArm CirclesInvisible jump ropesAbe VigodasMotivator from 5 Thang 20 reps Burpees oyoHand release merkinsMonkey HumperMerkinSquatsDiamond MerkinShoulder tap MerkinsLow n’ slow squat Mosey to stairsBear Crawl Up the stairs 20 Pull ups at top20 Decline Mericans20 Red headed step Mericans ( head touches step)20Continue reading “The cliffs at the garden backblast”

The Cliffs @ The Garden back blast 7/5/2022

COP – SSH with some stretching Native American Run over to Woodlake Drive Dora 1-2-3 combined partner repsPartner 1 at the bottom of the driveway.50 burpees100 HR merkins200 squats Partner 2Run up driveway, swims across the pool. 10 jump squats on the pool deck and run back down Mary in the pool – Freddy mercuries,Continue reading “The Cliffs @ The Garden back blast 7/5/2022”

Back Blast the Minuteman @ the Patriot 6/6/2022 Huggies Q

After COP we did 4 corners 5,10,15,20 reps at each station. Exercises were Merkins, squats, full crunches and burpees. We then did Dora on the hill with 50 burpees, 100 HR merkins and 200 jump squats. We finished up with Mary. Great group of guys and and a great AO! Thank you for having me.Continue reading “Back Blast the Minuteman @ the Patriot 6/6/2022 Huggies Q”

Huggies Q The Cliffs @ The Garden 4.12.2022 Pre Blast (Leg Day)

The highly esteemed site Q council at the Garden have decided to do something a bit different going forward. Instead of seemingly random workouts, we decided it would be nice to have a predictable workout plan on a given day. Therefore, starting tomorrow, we will introduce a rotation. This is the pilot week and Dukes,Continue reading “Huggies Q The Cliffs @ The Garden 4.12.2022 Pre Blast (Leg Day)”