Back Blast The Garden 7/4/19 Nino and Huggies CoQ

  Weather 68 degrees 95% humidity. Clear PAX 18 – Nino (QIC), Huggies (QIC), Nice n Slow, Catfish, Black Cat, Vespa(FNG), Schute(FNG), Abacus, Fiona, Gyspsy, Airball, Domino, Jitterbug(R), Woo, Deep Dish, Maxi, Meatball, Frosted Tips. Nino and I have been talking bout this one for a while.  As you read in our pre blast, our […]

Huggies Q the Big Kapowski @ Bayside 6/27/19 Back Blast

Weather 68 degrees. Clear and perfect PAX (10) – Huggies (Q), Shuttlecock(R), Birdie, Glaucoma, Charolais(R), Thumbtack, Sadie, Schotzie, Deep Dish, Woo Disclaimer Mosey to COP 30 SSH IC 20 Abe Vigodas 20 Imperial Walkers Kendra Newmans Downward dog calf/hip stretches Flutter Kicks Thang 1 Frisbee throw – Each PAX tossed the frisbee.  We sprinted toward […]

Black Ops – The Bell Tower @ Carillon Beach Florida Back Blast 6/11/19 “The Sugar Cookie”

Weather 79 degrees – partly cloudy PAX (5) – Huggies (Q), Nice n Slow, Nino, Gypsy, Bear (2.0) We were fortunate to spend our summer vacation with three other families and dads who all do F3. We rented a house in beautiful Carillon Beach Florida.  Within the beach community there’s a roundabout with a bell […]

Travis Manion Foundation Operation Legacy Ruck 4/20/2019

  On Saturday F3 Lou Ruckin (our F3 Louisville Ruck Club) sponsored another project in conjunction with the Travis Manion Foundation Operation Legacy.  Our mission was to ruck in honor of Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class Danny Phillip Dietz Jr. We also organized a food drive with proceeds donated to the Wayside Christian Mission in Louisville […]

Pre-Blast – Travis Manion Foundation Operation Legacy Ruck 4-20-19

F3Louisville is honored to be leading a project for the Travis Manion Foundation Operation Legacy campaign.  This is an organization that supports veterans and families of fallen heroes.  They endorse a slogan “If not me then who?” and I would like to echo that. I invite you to participate in a ruck tomorrow, prior to […]

Huggies 1 year anniversary Q – The Incubator @ Posh 3/18/2019 Pre Blast

In the words of Jason Isbell “I’ve been workin here. Monday it’ll be a year.  And I can’t recall a day that I didn’t wanna disappear.  But I keep on showin up.  Hell bent on growin up.  If it takes a lifetime.” Those words have stuck with me this past year.  I didn’t always want […]