10-28-2020 Uncle Rico – The Bridge at Posh

Got to love ghost Q week. Everyone gathering around wondering who is going to step up. It’s 5:29 and all the PAX are still coming in and I hear “my first post was Monday in over three weeks as my shoulder has been really hurting” and Boom 5:30 I give the disclaimer and announce we will be focused on our upper body and shoulders. Had to help the PAX get ready to throw that pigskin a quarter-mile. Bodies by Rico never disappoints.

Pax- Dynomite!, Willie Pep, Minnow, Stick Up, Methane, Bob Ross, NPR, LadyBird (R), Double Down (R), Dry Rub, Pickleball, Iceman (R), Jitterbug (R), and Uncle Rico (QIC)

Quick mosey to get loose with some high knees, butt kicks, and Carioca. Circled up for 16 SSH, plank with R over L and L over R, 3 count Merkins, Kendra Newman’s, and Michael Phelps.

Thang – Indian Run to Underpass. Grab stone of your choice. After completing round run 150 yards 5 burpees and run back. Core exercise until we get the 6.

Round 1 – 50 Merkins, 50 Elf on the Shelves, 50 Colt 45’s

Round 2 – 50 Diamond Merkins, 50 Front and Side Raises, 50 Colt 45’s

Round 3 – 50 Carolina Drydocks, 50 Tri’s for the Guys

Indian run back to the flag for some Mary. American Hammers, flutter kicks, gas pumps, Freddie mercuries, and of course finish with pickle pounders.

Thanks again to dynomite for the invite. Always great to start your day at the Posh. Intentions for Nino’s father in law and Methane’s college friend. Our father to end.


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