BB- The Incubator – 11/22/21 – Meter Maid Q

I haven’t Qed recently at South Posh so I wanted to bring out the potted plants for their first visit. I woke up early to get setup 15 minutes early for what I entitled “Max Reps and Run”. T-Claps to Bacon for being the site Q to bring back the Fog on Saturday mornings to South Posh.

Nine PAX showed up: Jitterbug (R), Bacon, OJ, Tenderfoot, Stick Up, Uncle Rico, Dynomite, Buzzsaw and Meter Maid (Q). It worked out perfectly as there were 9 workout stations.

I provided a disclaimer and we started with a quick lap around the parking lot. Then we did 15 Mountain Climbers IC, 15 Toy Soldiers IC, Kendra Newmans (arm circles) forward and backward, and some Michael Phelps OYO.

The main Thanksgiving course was the board shown below with an additional side of 1 50 pound potted plant for curls (late addition). It was a simple and effective workout. Do as many reps until failure and take a lap. Extra credit for taking a sandbag and those were in constant motion. Toward the end, Bacon had both the 20 and 60 pound sandbag. Then, rotate to another station and rinse and repeat. I ended up with over 2.5 miles.

A picture of the toys loaded the night before.

We stopped for Mary with 3 minutes left. We did 20 Gas Pumps (4 count) IC, 20 Flutter Kicks IC (4 count), and finished off 37 single count Preacher Sit Ups until time was called.

We circled up for COR and NOR around the flag. For announcements, the County and Boondocks will be hosting a joint workout on Thanksgiving. There will be a prerun at 6am led by Honey Do and Jolly will be Qing the main workout. There will be our traditional burpee football to close out. All are welcome. We had intentions and ended with an Our Father.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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