Backblast – Foundry @ 11/27/2019

While I have attended heavy workouts at Vets and the County, this was my heavy VQ. The conditions this morning could have been worse. Dauber, the site Q, had warned me yesterday of the forecast of 60 degrees, rain and 20 mph wind. Well like an economist or weather man, one out of three ain’tContinue reading “Backblast – Foundry @ 11/27/2019”

Back Blast – 11/9/2019 – The Fog

I had the pleasure of leading 8 HIMs this morning. I had planned this workout in honor of Bulletin, who had donated his kidney to his sister on Tuesday. PAX: Huggies, SweetTart, Latex, Iceman (R), Mr. Kotter, Number2 (R), Jitterbug (R) and Meter Maid (QIC) I started with the disclaimer and we began the COP.Continue reading “Back Blast – 11/9/2019 – The Fog”

9.21.19 BB @ Nest Pre-Ruck

I had originally planned to ruck at North Posh but a race with over 1,000 racers had it closed down. I ended up moving it to the County and ending for those wanting t to join Airplane’s 40th Birthday Q. I wasn’t sure how many we would have but was pleased with having 5 andContinue reading “9.21.19 BB @ Nest Pre-Ruck”

8.3.2019 Nest PreRuck Back Blast

Earlier in the week, I was looking forward to a good ruck. I ended up throwing it up on Slack knowing that other HIMs would be willing to go before Jolly Rancher’s 1 year post anniversary Q. PAX: Jolly Rancher, Mama’s Boy, Dauber, Crock Pot, PK and Meter Maid (Q) I arrived a few minutesContinue reading “8.3.2019 Nest PreRuck Back Blast”

BackBlast- Meter Maid Q @ North Posh 6-3-2019

It was a beautiful morning to Q with temperatures in the 50s. As I had promised in my preblast, I delivered on running, hills and merkins. It was a true face melter. PAX: Seabiscuit, Little Jerry (R), Speed Bump, Viking (minus beard), Dunphy, Catfish, Abacus and Meter Maid (Q) Gave disclaimer and moseyed to theContinue reading “BackBlast- Meter Maid Q @ North Posh 6-3-2019”

BB- Nolin Lake Black Ops Ruck @ 5/26/2019

Last Memorial Day was my first F3 ruck. It took a place in Dog Creek with Flounder, Gypsy, PewPew and YHC. This year, I planned on hosting the ruck at Nolin Lake. PAX: Gypsy, Flounder, Jolly Rancher, and Meter Maid (Q) We met at 7AM EST. There was a lot of great mumblechatter. Interesting discussionContinue reading “BB- Nolin Lake Black Ops Ruck @ 5/26/2019”

Post-Blast – Crestwood Elementary Black Ops and 1 Year Celebration of the County 5.5.2019

Several weeks ago Airplane had posted a message about posting a Black Ops at Crestwood Elementary to celebrate the County’s 1st year. There was a lot of back and forth about the starting time. I ended up deciding on 7 AM. Outside of the fact that my three kids have gone or are currently goingContinue reading “Post-Blast – Crestwood Elementary Black Ops and 1 Year Celebration of the County 5.5.2019”

BB – Meter Maid’s 1st Year Post Anniversary at Incubator – 4.29.2019

What a year it has been since Airplane headlocked me into coming. My first post was at Crestwood Elementary on 4/29/2018. Abacus and Airplane had the Q for it. I thought it was difficult but I later came to realization that I was just out of shape. Now fast forward one year and I amContinue reading “BB – Meter Maid’s 1st Year Post Anniversary at Incubator – 4.29.2019”

Backblast 3.22.19 @ Pleasantville

I am gaining more confidence with each Q. Today I had the pleasure of leading 9 HIMs. It was good to see Pope, who even at 80% can still run circles around us. PAX: Bulletin (R), Pope, Uncle Rico, Cowboy, Viking (minus his beard), Fridge, Mama’s Boy, Grinder and Meter Maid (QIC). Started with aContinue reading “Backblast 3.22.19 @ Pleasantville”

Back Blast – 2.3.19 – Parklands

YHC was looking for a ruck to continue building up to the Columbus StarCourse in April. PK had planned on this being a longer ruck (15+ miles). He had us meet up at the Parklands Pope Lick Park. PK wanted to start at 2AM. I was good with it, but you could tell that McAfeeContinue reading “Back Blast – 2.3.19 – Parklands”

Back Blast – 1/27/2019 – Big 4 Bridge

YHC was looking to get some ruck miles in prep for the April Columbus StarCourse and to qualify for the newest patch from GoRuck – Times Challenge. The requirements were to ruck 12 miles – no more, no less. I had seen where Plumb Bob had scheduled a Black Ops ruck at the Big FourContinue reading “Back Blast – 1/27/2019 – Big 4 Bridge”

The Fog Pre-Blast 1.26.19

Enjoy the Awards but don’t stay out too late partying (@Alexa and @ Mama’s Boy), and make sure you don’t fartsack (@Kilo). I am looking forward to leading this Q. No coupons required. We will do lots of running, moving, and getting better. I have a few exercise planned coming of the depths of theContinue reading “The Fog Pre-Blast 1.26.19”

Back Blast – Black Ops at The County 1.5.2019 – A Ruck Down Memory Lane

PK and I (Meter Maid -Q) went on a 12.5 mile ruck in advance of PK’s 7am Q at the Nest. We met at 3AM to train and get some miles in advance of the StarCourse in Columbus in April. We were able to test our our gear including using the Road Warrior app. MyContinue reading “Back Blast – Black Ops at The County 1.5.2019 – A Ruck Down Memory Lane”

Back Blast: Black Ops Rucking – The County 1.3.2019

5 PAX showed up to get some miles for the GoRuck 50 mile patch that has to be completed between January 1 and January 16. PAX (5): Amelia, LePew, Gilligan, Fungi and Meter Maid We met at St. Aloysius parking lot at 7:30pm. Gilligan didn’t lie when he was coming in hot. It was Gilligan’sContinue reading “Back Blast: Black Ops Rucking – The County 1.3.2019”