BB- North Posh – 7/27/20 – Meter Maid Q

Last night, my AC went out, I wasn’t sure how I was going to sleep. Luckily the house didn’t go above 77 degrees. I know I wouldn’t be dreaming of my Q in advance like Backflop. I think he may need to lead a Q school class on this.

I knew some of those who planned on attending but I wasn’t sure of how many would actually show up. I feel official now that Kilo has officially “fartsacked” one of my Qs. I know the weasel shaker 9000 doesn’t track it, but it might be a good one to add.

When I arrived, Folker was there with his 50 pound ruck sack. Other PAX arrived with with coupons so it had me wondering what I had placed in the preblast. I let them know we didn’t need any coupons.

It was a balmy and his 75 when we started. There were 12 PAX when we started including one FNG. WILDFlower came in hot and became number 13.

PAX- WILDflower, Viking, Holy Roller (R), Pelican, Brown Tail (R), Wide Right, Folker, Backflop, Dauber, GQ (FNG), Nutty Professor (one of Dauber’s 50+ brother in laws), Colonel Klink, and Meter Maid (Q).

Brown Tail has only been coming for a couple of weeks and he has made significant strides including bringing in a new FNG. Keep up the great work!

I led with the usual disclaimer before we did COP in the parking lot. We did 18 SSH IC, 18 Toy Solders IC (apparently a County tradition), 21 Copperhead Squats, 18 grass grabbers IC, and downward dog and stuff as Pelican would say. My original plan was to do 18 of everything IC but I goofed on the one and went to 21 on Copperhead Squats.

My original plan was to go down toward the Viking house by the lake to do some derkins, dips and steps ups but our numbers wouldn’t allow us to maintain social distance. I audibled and went straight to the main thang.

At the top of the hill, we did 18 4-count flutter kicks and ran down toward Shelbyville Rd. At the middle, we did 18 single count gas pumps. At the end, we did 18 big boys. It would be rinse and repeat until we got close to Mary time. With about 15 minutes left, I notified the PAX to stop at the middle and eliminate the gas pumps and do big boys in the middle. This was done to keep the PAX close together as it got closer to the end.

About five minutes into the run, Focker lost his shirt but i don’t think anyone was surprised. I can’t remember one workout where Folker had it on at the conclusion of the workout including his monsoon VQ at the Boondocks.

When we got close to Mary, Wide Right just kept going. It was as if Scott Norwood was looking for redemption.

We had a few minutes left for Mary. We did 18 low Dollys IC, 18 heel touches IC and 18 high Dollys IC.

We circled up in the parking lot. We did COR, NOR and announcements including Backflop’s Boondocks Q tomorrow.

The 18 counts represented my 18th wedding anniversary today. I talked about perspective because as I had previously mentioned my AC had gone out. (If you ever need a guy talk to WILDflower, he likely knows a guy. His contact is coming out to fix my AC later today.) You never know what others are going through. We lifted up our intentions to the sky Q and concluded with an Our Father. Always humbled to lead!

-Meter Maid

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