PB for TheFog 5/8/21: An F3 Anniversary….

It’s been (almost) 4 years since my first post back on May 13, 2017. So come out to the Posh Saturday for a Methane’s Greatest Hits WO. Might even have some special appearances from BluePullover, Captain Methane-O, and Star Child, who wanted to name me Porky. Ah, I’m just kidding, Star Child won’t be there.BringContinue reading “PB for TheFog 5/8/21: An F3 Anniversary….”

B.B. for The Fog at The Parklands 12/29/2018: Methane got his Q Back

After taking some time off to let my back heal up, I was itching to get back to the gloom. The holidays have been fun…..a lot of fun.  Lot of food, lot of drinks, but not much exercise.  I’m out of shape and i get to Q my comeback WO – Ugh!  So knowing thatContinue reading “B.B. for The Fog at The Parklands 12/29/2018: Methane got his Q Back”

Meth Hill 

Q: Methane PAX: Mr. Hat, Ice-Man, Gypsy, Double Down, Kilo, Abacus, Vincent, Little Jerry, Bob Ross, Propane (fng) It was a perfect 25° morning for a Methane Q. It was so good he brought his 2.0-Propane! Warmup: Imp. Walkers(IC), Arm Circles, SSH(IC), Abe Vigotas(IC), Mountain Climbers (IC) Now that we brought our body temp upContinue reading “Meth Hill “