B.B. for The Fog at The Parklands 12/29/2018: Methane got his Q Back

After taking some time off to let my back heal up, I was itching to get back to the gloom. The holidays have been fun…..a lot of fun.  Lot of food, lot of drinks, but not much exercise.  I’m out of shape and i get to Q my comeback WO – Ugh!  So knowing that I would probably not be able to count and breathe at the same time I structured a WO that would limit my need to talk……..you’re welcome PAX.  Here it goes.


Aerobie (R)

LadyBrid (R)

Drive-Thru (R)


Spygate (2.0)


Jitterbug (R)

Bob Ross


Mr. Kotter

Methane – Q



Circled up and jumped into the warm ups.  SSH (18), Kendra Newmans, Mountain Climber’s (18), Imperial Walkers (18)…….Oh, yeah, everything is an 18 count to give thanks to 2018.

We moseyed over to the bridge to do some partner work.

Thing 1:

P1 does an 18 count of an exercise while P2 goes across the bridge and comes back.  Mode of transportation will vary.  Here is the list:

Exercise   /    MOT

Hand Release Merkins / Marios

Copperhead Squats / Sprint

Donkey Kicks / Bernie Sanders (1/2 way)

Carolina Dry Docks / Sprint

Monkey Humpers / Bernie Sanders (1/2 way)


Then we moseyed over to the fountain for some individual work.

Thing 2:

Again each person does 18 of and exercise bearcrawl down and back up the ramp and on to the next exercise, rinse and repeat.  The exercises were Dips, Jump Ups, Decline Merkins, Squats, and Incline Merkins.

Thing 3:

We circled up for some Mary.  We went around the circle and everyone took turns calling an exercise and also COUNTING OUT THE REPS-see what I did there.  Cannot remember all of them but SpyGate calling Supermans made my day.  We do not do enough back work and I think it needs to be included.  Best part, no one took it easy.  Several difficult ab workouts were called, and, of course, we did everything on an 18 count, in cadence!

Thing 4:

We moseyed to the parking lot near the flag and had time for one more partner exercise.  P1 hold plank while P2 runs the length of the parking lot, does 18 bench dips and then comes back to release P1.  Done!


Circled around the flag and gave thanks for the Holidays and prayed for those who are dealing with illness or death in the family.  I took us out with a story about the feeling one gets when they leave their phone behind and feel completely lost and out of touch without it.  If we could feel the same way about our Faith, Joy, Hope and Love, then this would could be a better place.  Remember to carry these 4 gifts with you throughout your day.  Thank you HIMs for your support and letting me lead.


I know we haven’t started the Double Down chanllenge but just getting warmed up.  Had a great coffeeteria afterwrds and i highly recommend you attend some of these 2rd F opportunities.  They are a great way to learn more about other Pax members, ask questions about F3, figure out how Slack works.  Had the opportunity to chat with LadyBird for a while and what a great guy.  Amaizing how small this world is.

Attendance: Jitterbug, Mr. Kotter, Retainer, SpyGate, LadyBird, Drive-Thru, Methane.



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