10/31/20 BB: TheFog @ The Posh – Methane’s String of Pumpkins


Jitterbug – R
Iceman – R
Pew Pew – R
Bob Ross
Lady Bird – R
Stick Up
Pit Stop
Methane 👻Q

Mosey to the parking lot,

SSH, Imperial Walker, Mountain Climber, Abe Vigotas, Down Dog, Runners Stretch, Arm Circles

Mosey to the Bridge,

Thang 1: SEVENS
On one side of the bridge start with 1 exercise. Travel across the bridge to the other side and do 6 exercise. Continue back and forth increasing and decreasing with total of 7. ALSO, every time you cross the middle to 5 of an exercise.

Burpees——-Dips——-Big Bois

Mosey to Meth Hill,

P2 moves downhill and back up.
Switch & Repeat——X3

Mosey to the Fountain,

Thang 3: BOO BOMBS:
Everyone circles up. The first person will do 20 reps of an exercise. When they get to the 5th rep, the next person starts and that continues. If you are not exercising you with hold a certain noted position.
1)Gass Pump(LEGS UP)
3)Am Hams(LEGS UP)
4)Burpees(Al Gores)

Mosey back to the flag,


Continued prayers for Double Down‘s sister, for Methane’s friend, RJ, who passed away and his family. Also, prayers for our Nation as we enter into next week. Love you guys and have a safe, fun Halloween.

Meth out!

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