5/17/23 Parklands BB – Double Down Birthday Q

Listen up, folks, it’s a workout blast,

Led by Double Down, whose birthday’s approaching fast!

Join Methane, Bob Ross, Diana Dukes, and Ladybird too,

And let’s not forget Begging Strips, the dog with a clue!

Double Down’s the captain, he’ll push us to our best,

With strength and endurance, we’ll all be impressed.

Sweat will pour, muscles will ache,

But we’ll keep going, for fitness’ sake!

Methane’s here, fueling our drive,

With energy explosive, he helps us thrive.

His determination ignites the fire within,

Together we’ll conquer any workout we’re in!

Bob Ross paints a picture of fitness and grace,

With each exercise, he finds a happy place.

His soothing voice guides us, calm and serene,

Transforming the workout into a colorful scene.

Diana Dukes, fierce and strong,

Shows us that powerlifting is where he belongs.

He lifts those weights like they’re mere feathers,

Inspiring us all to push harder and go the extra measures.

And let’s not forget Ladybird, agile and swift,

Bounding alongside us, giving our spirits a lift.

Begging Strips, the loyal pup by his side,

Chasing his tail, reminding us not to hide.

Together we sweat, together we strive,

As Double Down’s birthday is about to arrive.

With every rep, every squat, and every skip,

We’ll celebrate his special day with this workout trip!

So let’s give it our all, no holding back,

With Double Down leading, we’ll stay on track.

Happy birthday to him, tomorrow is the day,

But for now, let’s work hard and let the gains come our way!

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