BB – The O(riginal) – Swag Q – 5/11/23

YHC arrived a bit earlier than I expected. Sump Pump even complimented me on it…I think…he said something as he began his pre-walk. I assumed it was a compliment, that’s his way afterall.

Before I knew it, we had a a full house. 18 PAX had arrived for the fun. I love going to The O and it’s not as far as I think, need to get our here more.

0530 was called, Q introduced himself, disclaimer given and off we went.



Toy Soldier

Downward Dog


Mountain Climbers

I think at some point during warmup I messed up the count, things were starting well.

The Thang – String of Pearls


Stop 1 – Nuclears….I messed up again here, like I totally forgot how to count them. This was really all an act to demonstrate to any PAX in attendance that any swinging ‘you know what’ can Q.


Stop 2 – 11s – Burpees, Mosey, Squats….again, here, I ‘forgot’ if we did 10 reps to start or 1…a continuation of the charade. In any case, as Patty would say “Freed to Lead”…it doesn’t matter…10 or 1, 1 or 10…start with whatever. We chose 10.

This took a bit longer than I expected…but all finished. The PAX pushed hard on this stop.


Stop 3 – Dora….didn’t have as much time for this last stop. Was going to do 100 Get Ups, 100 Merkin, 100 Big Boy. We modified the Get Ups to 50 and I think just cut off after Merkins to head back to the flag.

Mosey to Flag


Each HIM called out an exercise, I don’t recall what they were honesty, but was a good ab finish as I recall.

Circled up for Name-o-Rama, 1 FNG was in attendance.

We welcomed FNG Black Box to the F3 Louisville Family! Another Furdays EHL if memory serves.

Announcements, Intentions

Finally, YHC pointed out Furdays and how we took over for me as Site Q at The Range at The Patriot and has stepped even outside of that in a big way. F3 is about ‘reinvigorating male community leadership’ and we love it and need for HIMs to step up and lead. If you feel the tug to step up, act now and reach out. There is always a need!

Thanks for having me out to lead Handbook, love the group at The O, looking forward to being back out soon.

Until next time, Swag.

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