Pre-Blast 01.12.22 – Black Ops @ The Patriot – Yankovic Q

Yankovic will be completing 2 consecutive days as Q and officially beginning his 2nd year as a part of F3 tomorrow at The Patriot.  Temps will be above 30 degrees it appears, downright steamy in light of our last few mornings together.  He says we will need a coupon and do some running.  No tabata thisContinue reading “Pre-Blast 01.12.22 – Black Ops @ The Patriot – Yankovic Q”

1/5/22 Pre-Blast: Black Ops @ The Patriot

Good afternoon men! Excited to have Shade Tree lead the 2022 Wednesday Black Ops debut at The Patriot! We have had great momentum at The Patriot, let’s keep it going! Weather is going to be a balmy 40 degrees with no rain in the forecast (disclaimer: I’m not a weatherman). No excuses, HC now! BringContinue reading “1/5/22 Pre-Blast: Black Ops @ The Patriot”

Pre Blast – Black Ops @ The Patriot – 12/29/21

Excited to have Yankovic close out Wednesday’s at The Patriot for 2021 tomorrow! We will see what he has up his sleeve after a group 20 strong was treated to a Christmas Eve tabata just a few short days ago! He says we will do some running and you’ll need your coupon just in case.Continue reading “Pre Blast – Black Ops @ The Patriot – 12/29/21”

PB – Kilo Q @ The Patriot Black Ops

With just 2 days until Santa squeezes his…ahem… Kilo is making the trip out to The Patriot for a pre-Christmas beatdown tomorrow morning at 0530!  When Focker asked me to be acting site Q for The Patriot Black Ops Kilo was one of the first to offer to lead!  Temps will be over 30 degreesContinue reading “PB – Kilo Q @ The Patriot Black Ops”

PB – Mashup Q Flexseal & Swag at The Patriot 12/15/21

Mashup Week continues at The Patriot tomorrow with a co-beatdown courtesy of Flexswag…Swagseal…where is Boss Hog when you need him!   Flexseal and I have a workout that will have you looking in the mirror.  We will move our coupons, run a little and leave better than we arrived!  Bring an FNG and a smile. SYITGContinue reading “PB – Mashup Q Flexseal & Swag at The Patriot 12/15/21”

PB – 12.1.21 – BlackOps @ The Patriot – Diablo Q

The BlackOps at The Patriot welcomes @Diablo out to Q tomorrow!  Weather is calling for a balmy 37 degrees at 0530 an no rain, perfect weather to get better and start your day.  I have not been through a Diablo Q yet, but I’m told it’s not for the faint of heart.  He has an old school,Continue reading “PB – 12.1.21 – BlackOps @ The Patriot – Diablo Q”