PB – 3/2/23 – The Moonshiner at The Boondocks – Swag Q

Exactly 1 month after an unfortunate injury at the 1 year anniversary of The Range at The Patriot being official, I’m making my return to The Gloom. For those PAX on the lookout for a ‘not very mobile mostly stationery’ heavy themed workout. You have found it tomorrow, 0530, The Boondocks (Peggy Baker Park) whereContinue reading “PB – 3/2/23 – The Moonshiner at The Boondocks – Swag Q”

1/5/23 Pre-Blast – The Temple of Gloom at The O – Swag Q

Looking forward to getting back out to the O tomorrow morning. Appreciate Handbooks leadership there and wish I could get there more. Bring your F3 issued coupon, sand bag or whatever works. We will do a simple, but difficult workout with a good bit of running mixed in. The start of a New Year isContinue reading “1/5/23 Pre-Blast – The Temple of Gloom at The O – Swag Q”

Pre-Blast – 9/8/22 – The Stable – Swag Q

Are you ready for some football? We all are, college started last week, NFL this week. All is about to be right with the world again, if only the temperatures would catch up. Excited to get back out to The Stable, been blowing up out there! No coupon needed for this one, and I haveContinue reading “Pre-Blast – 9/8/22 – The Stable – Swag Q”

BB – Q School – The Range at The Patriot – 8/24/2022 – Swag Q

I have to say I had more fun doing this Q than any other Q I’ve done, hope the PAX did as well! I arrived at 0500 for a quick pre-ruck to get the blood flowing. Malpractice and Boss Hog joined me, which was the first time I think both of them had come toContinue reading “BB – Q School – The Range at The Patriot – 8/24/2022 – Swag Q”

PB – Q School – The Range at The Patriot – 8/24/2022 – Swag Q

I was merely a participant last year for Q school week and was not far removed from my own first Q. I know it can be intimidating to lead your first workout, many of your fellow PAX know that feeling. I remember not sleeping much the night before mine, and frankly for a few others.Continue reading “PB – Q School – The Range at The Patriot – 8/24/2022 – Swag Q”

7/19/22 – BB The Planetarium at The Boondocks – Swag Q

I always love going to The Boondocks as this is where it all started for me, posted first 4/22/21 courtesy of Holy Roller and I think it was a Pelican Q if I recall. I decided to make this workout into a heavy as much as I could as I’ve been trying to strengthen myContinue reading “7/19/22 – BB The Planetarium at The Boondocks – Swag Q”

7/22/22 – BB The Defender at The Patriot – Swag Q

This one is late, my apologies, but better late than never! I was really debating keeping this Q Thursday night after the modified Robbie Miller Ruck Ops workout. YHC modified way down and it was still brutal. Props do those who have done it with no modification, woof. In any case, I wanted to keepContinue reading “7/22/22 – BB The Defender at The Patriot – Swag Q”

BB The Chopper at Vets 7/1/22 Swag Q

After doing Ruck Ops last night with Diablo and Lambeau, 0430 came very early. In spite of that, I made it to The Vets early. So early Worm thought I may have slept there overnight, interesting thought. I love The Vets site, it’s really a beautiful place, especially on the Friday before July 4th weekend.Continue reading “BB The Chopper at Vets 7/1/22 Swag Q”

BB – 5/5/22 – Black Ops Goshen – Swag Q

I have to admit, I was a touch nervous about this one. The chatter indicated several FNGs and PAX were planning to attend…Cinco De Mayo, Thurby, Derby Week. Lots of reasons to make it fun and memorable. I hope we did that today! Also, thanks to Viking and Flexseal for having me out to lead.Continue reading “BB – 5/5/22 – Black Ops Goshen – Swag Q”

PB – 5/5/22 – Black Ops Goshen – Swag Q

Cinco de Mayo, according to Wikipedia, is more popular in the US than Mexico because ‘advertising campaigns by beer, wine and tequila companies’ now help it ‘generate beer sales on par with the Super Bowl’. This popularity of indulging in spirits lines up nicely with what the next few days will bring. The drinks willContinue reading “PB – 5/5/22 – Black Ops Goshen – Swag Q”

Back Blast – 4/22/22 at The Defender at The Patriot – Swag Q

YHC arrived early to get setup and make sure some celebratory music was playing as the PAX arrived. Rip Van Winkle and his soon to be named 2.0 FNG, Snaggletooth, arrived early to get flags setup. I mentioned to Snaggletooth that he may be the only one that would like the playlist I put togetherContinue reading “Back Blast – 4/22/22 at The Defender at The Patriot – Swag Q”

4/22/22 Pre-Blast – Swag Q – The Patriot

It was one year ago tomorrow that I posted for the first time at The Boondocks. The day after I met an incredibly impressive HIM who I now count as a friend, Holy Roller. I am truly thankful for meeting him and all of the PAX of F3 Louisville. It was 5 years ago tomorrowContinue reading “4/22/22 Pre-Blast – Swag Q – The Patriot”

BB – The Moonshiner @ The Boondocks – 4/14/22

This is quite overdue, but wanted to be sure I post! Our numbers were thinner that day, due PAX traveling and the launch of a NEW BlackOps site in Goshen thanks to Flexseal and Viking! There was also a 2.0 Q going on at Bayside, so plenty of awesome things to support away from TheContinue reading “BB – The Moonshiner @ The Boondocks – 4/14/22”

4/6/22 Pre-Blast – The Range at The Patriot – Yankovic Q

It has been over a month since I have Q-ed a HAT (Holiday Acronym Tobata). Longer at the Patriot. Tomorrow’s Workout will be a “Plan Your Epitaph Day” celebration. No coupons. Great weather. No counting. We’ll have time to share fellowship (2nd F) while working out, that is if you can get enough air.

4/4/22 Pre/Back Blast: The Minutemen @ The Patriot – Mannequin Q

To Mannequin’s credit he had the Pre-Blast written yesterday, I, Swag (filling in for Rip Van Winkle while he gets bronzed up in FLA) neglected to post it in time! I offered to post both the PB and BB since Mannequin does not yet have WordPress access. So I dropped the ball there. In anyContinue reading “4/4/22 Pre/Back Blast: The Minutemen @ The Patriot – Mannequin Q”

3.31.22 Back Blast – Temple of Gloom at The O

Weather: Pretty warm, wet from rain…but no rain at start as expected…YET. Pax: Better Call Saul & Second City (DR from Plainfield, IL welcome!), McAfee, Flo Jo, Harry Caray, Handbook, Swag (Q) Q: Swag I picked up this Q last minute as Handbook posted there was a need! Was a little worried about weather lateContinue reading “3.31.22 Back Blast – Temple of Gloom at The O”

3.30.22 Back Blast – The Range @ The Patriot

Weather: 46 degrees, slightly colder than the 54 degrees advertised by Swag. Pax: Focker, Knob, Swingset, Layover, Mannequin, Malpractice, Wildflower, Yankovic (R), Holy Roller (R), Patty, Swag, Hightower, Van Winkle, Chili Pepper Q: Lambeau Everyone has that little bunny of doubt or fear bouncing around in their head. Sometimes that bunny is bouncing around aContinue reading “3.30.22 Back Blast – The Range @ The Patriot”

3-30-2022 Pre-Blast – The Range @ The Patriot

(Completely ripped off from Holy Roller’s strong emoji game, Q edited) ✳️ Tomorrow, a perfect morning for you to experience the Patriot. Our Q Lambeau says that clothes and coupons will be necessary. You can see the beautiful 🏛️ sights of LaGrange, You can hear the strength 💪 of the locomotive 🚂 as it breaksContinue reading “3-30-2022 Pre-Blast – The Range @ The Patriot”

3.24.22 Pre Blast: Moonshiner @ The Boondocks – Swag Q

It’s fitting that tomorrow at the Moonshiner we will remember that on March 24, 1973 Pink Floyd released one of the most successful albums of all time, Dark Side of the Moon. Bring your coupon for a workout that will take us from dark to light and back again with a little some running inContinue reading “3.24.22 Pre Blast: Moonshiner @ The Boondocks – Swag Q”

BB – The Range at The Patriot – The Flexseal Tour Finale 02.23.22

I’m pretty sure this is the first BB I’ve posted since becoming site Q at the Black Ops and now The Range at The Patriot. Honestly, I’m just not nearly as funny or clever as most. But I’ll do my best! Flexseal wrapped up his Patriot tour, 3 Q’s in 1 week I believe, onContinue reading “BB – The Range at The Patriot – The Flexseal Tour Finale 02.23.22”

PB – 2/23/22 – The Range at The Patriot

The Flexseal Patriot tour comes to a close tomorrow (for now)! It looks like the rain has graciously decided to give us a break before a slight 100% chance of more on Thursday (for my Q at Boondocks…but I digress). Flexseal says to bring coupons and be ready to work at 0530. Can we getContinue reading “PB – 2/23/22 – The Range at The Patriot”

Back-Blast for Wednesday 01/26/2022 Black Ops @ The Patriot

We had 11 HIM brave the cold this morning, with most of them relatively fresh Patriot homers. We spoke about this at the end, the momentum is strong and Focker said it well, it’s their AO and we are excited to see them keep showing up in the gloom. PAX – :  Focker, Xerox, Swingset,Continue reading “Back-Blast for Wednesday 01/26/2022 Black Ops @ The Patriot”

Pre-Blast 01.12.22 – Black Ops @ The Patriot – Yankovic Q

Yankovic will be completing 2 consecutive days as Q and officially beginning his 2nd year as a part of F3 tomorrow at The Patriot.  Temps will be above 30 degrees it appears, downright steamy in light of our last few mornings together.  He says we will need a coupon and do some running.  No tabata thisContinue reading “Pre-Blast 01.12.22 – Black Ops @ The Patriot – Yankovic Q”

1/5/22 Pre-Blast: Black Ops @ The Patriot

Good afternoon men! Excited to have Shade Tree lead the 2022 Wednesday Black Ops debut at The Patriot! We have had great momentum at The Patriot, let’s keep it going! Weather is going to be a balmy 40 degrees with no rain in the forecast (disclaimer: I’m not a weatherman). No excuses, HC now! BringContinue reading “1/5/22 Pre-Blast: Black Ops @ The Patriot”

Pre Blast – Black Ops @ The Patriot – 12/29/21

Excited to have Yankovic close out Wednesday’s at The Patriot for 2021 tomorrow! We will see what he has up his sleeve after a group 20 strong was treated to a Christmas Eve tabata just a few short days ago! He says we will do some running and you’ll need your coupon just in case.Continue reading “Pre Blast – Black Ops @ The Patriot – 12/29/21”

PB – Kilo Q @ The Patriot Black Ops

With just 2 days until Santa squeezes his…ahem… Kilo is making the trip out to The Patriot for a pre-Christmas beatdown tomorrow morning at 0530!  When Focker asked me to be acting site Q for The Patriot Black Ops Kilo was one of the first to offer to lead!  Temps will be over 30 degreesContinue reading “PB – Kilo Q @ The Patriot Black Ops”