Back Blast – 4/22/22 at The Defender at The Patriot – Swag Q

YHC arrived early to get setup and make sure some celebratory music was playing as the PAX arrived. Rip Van Winkle and his soon to be named 2.0 FNG, Snaggletooth, arrived early to get flags setup. I mentioned to Snaggletooth that he may be the only one that would like the playlist I put together of hit songs from 2017, the year F3 Louisville started. He gave me a half hearted laugh, to be expected from a young man of his age this time in the morning.

After setting up all…our…flags…five of them I think at this point. Furdays showed up and we moseyed over to the coupon depository behind Holy Rollers daytime job HQ to make a selection. Always a sacred moment. After agonizing over the decision for 3-5 seconds or so, Furdays found just the right one so we moseyed back.

Upon our timely return, we had a full house and everyone seemed to be in good spirits, it was afterall Friday, weather was perfect, 5 year anniversary of F3 Louisville and Convergence the next morning. Plenty to be excited about and thankful for!

At 0530, disclaimer was given and a quick explanation of the them for the day YOU Be The Change. We can all run on another’s ‘juice’ for a time, and most of us do initially when we start F3. Long term, we have to run on our own ‘juice’ and be the change in our own lives. It starts with deciding to choose sacrifice over regret each day. We all will fall, but we get up again.



-Grass Grabber IC

-Downward Dog w/ NCAA Champion Lia Thomas

-Michael Phelps OYO

Thang 1:

To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of F3 Louisville, headed down heartbreak hill for a 5 minute drill. Timer was set to 1 minute, sprint up hill and return before next minute starts. 5 rounds. Yankovic does a 10 minute drill, have grown to love and hate it at the same time.

Thang 2:

For Thang 2, we continued our celebration of the founding of F3 Louisville on 4-22-17 with a BE THE CHANGE workout.

3 rounds was our goal, 4 reps of each exercise below in the 1st round, then a lap around what used to be the courthouse, 22 reps then a lap and 17 reps then a lap.


E2K 2 count


Heels to Heaven IC

E2K 2 count


Hand Release Merkin

American Hammers IC

New-Man Makers (needed an N exercise so…)


E2K 2 count

We didn’t make it through all 3 rounds before we had about 5 minutes left.

We moved onto merry, where Ruby had us do oblique crunches and then Yankovic pulled out his favorite, Manatees.


We circled up, counted off 18 PAX, name-o-rama, then named 2 FNGs. Welcome Honeycomb and Snaggletooth.

PAX present were: Snaggletooth FNG/2.0, Honeycomb FNG, Layover, Holy Roller R, Hightower, Rip Van Winkle, Mannequin, Ruby R, Chili Pepper, Boss Hog R, Swingset, Yankovic R, Furdays, Man O War, Flexseal, Patty, Dinghy, Swag Q.

Announcements were made about Convergence and stacking bricks with Yankovic and likely a few other things that I’m not remembering.

Intentions were given, continuing prayer for a new heart for Maddie and several PAX with family members dealing with health issues or themselves as well.

Ball of man, prayer and wrap up.

Thanks for letting me lead, respect and appreciate each and everyone of my F3 brothers.


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