BB The Chopper at Vets 7/1/22 Swag Q

After doing Ruck Ops last night with Diablo and Lambeau, 0430 came very early.

In spite of that, I made it to The Vets early. So early Worm thought I may have slept there overnight, interesting thought.

I love The Vets site, it’s really a beautiful place, especially on the Friday before July 4th weekend. I got setup and took a walk to decide where the intermediate run would be, then headed back. When I arrived back at the memorial, several HIM were arriving. Worm asked if we would be running much, I said we would run ‘some’. Not sure if reality lined up with that or not.

10 HIM conquered the fart sack to join me at 0530:

Stick Up

Ladybird (R)

Leno (R)





Jitterbug (R)


Swag (Q)

Disclaimers were given and we were off for 2 laps around the memorial to get our blood pumping.



Toy Soldiers…I think (IC)

Downward Dog, right over left, right right, right arm to sky Q and Lia Thomas, switch, repeat on left side

Finished with 10 merkins on my down

The Thang:

I love this Mirror workout that Yankovic did awhile back, so I took it on the road with little time to prepare.

Start around USA Seal in front of memorial doing first set of exercises with coupon, run to cutout area with 5 parking spots to do same exercise without coupon, then back up to start next exercise.

Exercises were:

10 Man Makers / Burpees

30 Lunges (Single Count)

30 Big Boys

30 Derkins / Merkins

30 Flutter Kicks (IC)

60 Calf Raises

30 LBC’s

30 Squats

I know Bombay got through it all and had started to rinse/repeat when YHC called it and asked to start some Mary.

I think we got through 4 HIM before Worm called time, then Q called time.

We circled up, and with no FNGs, moved into Name-o-Rama.

Announcements were made about the ruck tonight, Capture the Flag…still time to join and plenty of rucks, Freed to Bleed next Sunday, see Slack for details.

Intentions were given, Worm mentioned being thankful for Tony Malito’s niece recovering well after a bad car accident.

This highlighted the point I wanted to emphasize on July 4 weekend that life is precious, we don’t know how long we have and that we enjoy freedom in the greatest country ever given to man. We need to appreciate that and understand just how lucky we are.

God Bless the USA and God Bless each and every HIM of F3!


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